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Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters

Updated November 22th, 2004

Welcome to Edo's Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters page. Here you can find your source for the Yu-Gi-Oh! animated series and card game, both for the United States and Japan. Check out the episode and manga summaries, some manga translations, so you can get the scoop on the world of Yu-Gi-Oh!

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This Yu-Gi-Oh! Webring site owned by Edo!

  • NEWS ///// 11/22/04
  • Preliminary Flaming Eternity translation file uploaded. (Possibility of changes in the file are high at the current time.)
  • Updated Animated Series cards section with cards from the rest of the Doma Story Arc, and most of the KC Grand Prix.
  • New article.
  • Promo Card file updated, with Duel Monsters International 2 cards, and Duel Master's Guide cards.
  • Limited Edition file updated, with Limited Edition 7 cards.
  • NEWS ///// 09/13/04
  • New article.
  • Updated Japanese Banned/Restricted List. U.S. list has not yet been updated.
  • NEWS ///// 08/22/04
  • Translations for Rise of Destiny (RDS) have been uploaded.
  • New Card of the Week.
  • Animated Series Cards section updated slightly.
  • Updated Premium Pack file.
  • Updated Promo file.
  • NEWS ///// 06/28/04
  • Summaries for Turn 36 DVDs (episodes 149-154)
  • New card of the week.
  • Added some card pictures to the Animated Series Card Section for the Doma Story Arc.
  • The promo card file has gone through a massive rewrite on some cards. If you download my files on your computer for further reference, it's time to update it.
  • As a reminder, even though I don't always explicitly state it here, some translation files are updated whenever errors creep in. You should check some of the more recent files every now and then.

The place that I've made my base of operations is
Insane Gaming, down in Hagerstown, Maryland. Insane Gaming has weekly Yugioh tournaments there, so you should call them for more information. I do not do the tournaments themselves, as the owner of the store does that job.

Insane Gaming recently closed its doors.

Though I no longer live in Hawai'i, if you live in Hawai'i, on the island of O'ahu, you might want to stop at Jelly's The Original on Sundays. Jelly's is located behind Cutter Ford, in the line of warehouses. A group of people play Yugioh from 4:00 pm until there are no more players, or everyone goes home. If you can't find them, ask one of the employees for "Erik," "Kazu," or "Tim." They are part of the regular Yugioh crowd up there. If you are also a BEYBLADE fan, Tim is getting people together to start playing Beyblade on a regular basis.

For those that have been wanting to contact me through chatting, I am on AOL Instant Messenger (rarely) via name Edo Hrzic and on ICQ (very rarely) at number 57899740.

A gentleman by the name of Rich Chew had a vacation in Hawai'i a month or so ago. He took the time to come down to Jelly's in Aiea to meet the infamous Edo, and took two pictures to send to me (thanks, Rich!). Some of the standard Yugioh gang was there, as well.

Yes, Edo is the one in the dark-blue shirt, with glasses.

Do NOT mail me about...
  • ...God cards. Your message will be deleted. Read the God card article THOROUGHLY. God cards aren't usable in games anyway, so rulings questions don't matter.
  • ...rulings questions without reading the official Upper Deck rulings AND the Expert Rules Section THOROUGHLY. Your message will be deleted.
  • ...vulgar comments. Your message will be deleted.
  • ...what set a card is located in without searching through the translation files THOROUGHLY (that means manually looking through the files, and using the Find/Search function in your browser when looking through the translation files). Your message will be deleted. Remember a Golden Rule for this page: "When all else fails, check the PROMOTIONAL CARDS file."
  • ...something without using PUNCTUATION. Your message will be deleted. No, I don't like reading run-on sentences that go for a page and a half.
  • ...decks. Your message will be deleted. There is a HUGE yellow notice in the Deck Lab section. NO EXCEPTIONS, not even, "I know you don't take decks, but could you look at mine?" No, don't send me decks.
  • ...Duelist Legacy cards. Excluding Duelist Legacy 5, 98% of Duelist Legacy 1-4 has been released in the English sets. I'm not getting to Duelist Legacy for a LONG time, so don't even bother asking. In fact, don't send me any e-mails about Duelist Legacy (DL) AT ALL.

  • If you have MULTIPLE questions, send them in ONE message. Otherwise, it just jams up my inbox. If you send multiple questions to me in different messages, I will answer only the first message, and the other ones in my inbox will be deleted.

    Yu-Gi-Oh! is a trademark and copyright of Kazuki Takahashi, and distributed in the United States by 4Kids Entertainment. Many of the pictures on this page can be found at the official Yu-Gi-Oh! website. I claim no ownership over the art. But don't steal it from my page. Find it for yourself.