Yu-Gi-Oh! Card of the Week 03:
Ouija Board

Type: Permanent Trap
Effect: At the end of your opponent's turn,
you may play 1 [Death Message] in the order
of [E][A][T][H] from your hand or deck
(shuffle your deck). If you have all of
those cards on the Field, you win the game.
If any of these cards are placed in a
Cemetery, put them all in the Cemetery.

Welcome to the third card of the week for Edo's Small Yu-Gi-Oh! page. This week, we'll be having a look at a disturbing set of cards that Bakura used in the comic and animated series, the Ouija Board.

The Ouija Board is a set of five cards, which are: Ouija Board, Death Message [E], Death Message [A], Death Message [T] and Death Message [H]. Because you need all five cards to win the game, it is much like a "limited" Exodia set. However, compared to the Ouija Board, Exodia is a snap to play.

Like Exodia, you cannot "casually" play the Ouija Board set in your deck, as it would mean five slots that are eaten up. You could put something better in your deck. You NEED to devote an entire deck around the Ouija Board, much like Exodia. The problem with the Ouija Board is that is becomes increasingly difficult to successfully complete the combo, because your Magic and Trap slots will cumulatively be occupied with the Message cards. Unfortunately, the Ouija Deck is based on reactions of your opponent. I mean Trap cards in this respect. But as stated, your options get smaller as the combo continues.

However, on the bright side, the combo basically plays itself. You don't have to have the cards in your hand to play it; you will be able to play the Messages from your hand OR deck. This allows you to concentrate on dealing with your opponent's advances. Second, when you activate the Ouija Board, your opponent has four turns to deal with it, or he automatically loses. PERIOD.

Edo's Rating: 2 out of 5. It's exceedingly difficult to play with. You're probably better off avoiding it, unless you want to play a themed Bakura deck.


Here is another of the sample decks to get you playing with the Ouija Board combo. Add and remove cards to your heart's content. You have to concentrate on a high defense, and stopping your opponent from the destroying your Messages.

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