Yu-Gi-Oh! Card of the Week 04:
Cyber Pod

Type: Effect Monster
Effect: Reverse: Destroy all Monsters on
the Field. Each player looks at the top
5 cards of his or her deck, and puts any
level 4 or lower Monsters on the Field in
a mode of his or her choice.

Welcome to the fourth card of the week for Edo's Small Yu-Gi-Oh! page. This week we will be having a look-see at a card that has some versatile uses. It's a little card, with a Normal ("common") rarity from the Pharaoh's Servant expansion. It's called Cyber Pod.

This card has "annoyance" written all over it. (Side note: All players of my PC game have given their unanimous support of that statement.) And now you'll find out why.

Though it is quite small and unassuming, this card can single-handedly win you duels. For mass-destruction, it is one of the best. Its Reverse effect is a Black Hole. That alone could be the cause for its restriction in Japanese tournament circles (where it is restricted to one per deck). If you need mass Monster removal, this is one card that you should definitely consider.

However, the real use for Cyber Pod is its other effect, plus its third, incidental effect.

Its other effect is the possibilty of filling your Monster slots with Monsters. Why? Of course it's to defend yourself. But if you have a deck with some high-level Monsters in it (i.e., Blue Eyes, Buster Blader, Black Magician, etc...), the Cyber Pod will almost get you one of those much quicker. Why? Well, once your opponent attacks the Cyber Pod, the Field will be cleared. He will then probably forgo the rest of his Battle Phase, and even if he does get some Monsters in his draw, it's going to be your turn to play a high-level Monster.

However, what makes this little guy thrice deadly is the incidental effect of the one that was just stated. What about the cards in that draw that are Monsters of level 5 or higher, Magic and Traps? What if you get any of those in that draw? Well, believe it or not, those remaining cards go into your hand. Yes, your HAND. So, with this little guy, you get not only some free Monsters, but you could conceivably also refresh your hand at the same time.

Edo's Rating: 4 out of 5. It's a VERY nice card. It belongs in nearly every deck, since a lot of decks have at least a few high-level Monsters. If you are running a low-level deck, you might want to chuck it in favor of some other card drawing. However, in decks where you need to clear the Field and grab some more card (like Ouija Board decks), this might be a card you need to look at. This card is NOT suitable for Exodia decks, since there is the off-chance that one or more Exodia parts might be played to the Field, which could lead to the defeat of your deck.

(There is no real deck that you can base around that one Cyber Pod. Include it in some high-level decks if you want.)

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