Yu-Gi-Oh! Card of the Week 02:
Sealed Exodia

Types: Dark/Magic-User
Level: 3
Attack Strength: 1000
Defense Strength: 1000
If you have this card and Sealed Left Arm,
Right Arm, Left Leg and Right Leg in your
hand, you win the game.

Welcome to the second card of the week for Edo's Small Yu-Gi-Oh! page. This week, we'll be having a look at one of the most feared cards in Yu-Gi-Oh!, Sealed Exodia.

Sealed Exodia is not be be played at a monster; that is what we must understand right off the bat. It is simply meant for you to get it and the remaining four cards in your hand at one time in order to win the game: Sealed Left Arm, Sealed Right Arm, Sealed Left Leg and Sealed Right Leg. What makes this the greatest strength is also its greatest weakness.

The history of Exodia in the comic was that it was first used by Yugi to defeat Kaiba in their second confrontation during the Death-T story arc (they have TWO in the comic before the Duelist Kingdom). In the last turn, Yugi managed to draw the final piece and secure the victory.

In the trip to the Duelist Kingdom, Yugi thought the tournament was already in the bag, but Haga conned Yugi into handing over the cards to view, and he promptly threw them overboard a ship.

The final use of Exodia is in the Battle City story arc. One of the Ghouls, simply named the Rare Hunter (he is not given any other name) used a set of three of each in his deck. Yugi soundly tromps him into the pavement.

You can't casually play Exodia. Period. In order to use it effectively, you MUST build an Exodia deck. Sure, you could "throw" the Exodia parts into your deck, but they would then be five "wasted" card slots in your deck. You could use those slots for something far better for your deck theme. What also makes Exodia difficult to use correctly is that it is restricted to ONE OF EACH per deck in tournaments. This indicates that you have to use all of your techniques to build an Exodia deck, or it all goes to waste

Building an Exodia deck isn't THAT bad, since you basically have two choices: an offensive Exodia deck, in case you lose Exodia, or the defensive Exodia deck, where you protect yourself.

The Offensive Exodia Deck. The obvious advantage to this deck is that if Exodia is flushed down the drain by your opponent, you won't imemdiately lose the game. You will be able to rely on some powerful monsters to carry on where you left off. The biggest drawback to this deck is that Exodia is harder to get into your hand.

The Defensive Exodia Deck. This is the kind of deck that most people play with. Almost all of the cards in your deck are geared to a) drawing the parts to Exodia, b) thwarting your opponent's moves so that they don't interfere with (a). When all of your cards are geared toward these ends, it will be much faster to win. However, the Achilles Heel to this deck is that if you lose a part to Exodia to the Cemetery, it will be hard to get it back.

Edo's Rating: 4 out of 5. It's not an average card that you can use "just casually." You have to build a deck around it. But when you do, look out. WARNING: Your friends will hate you when you play Exodia.

SAMPLE EXODIA DECK [Defensive] (40 cards)

Here is a sample Exodia deck. Just like the previous Black Magician deck, here is a sample to get you going. As always, add and remove cards as you see fit. When building an Exodia deck, you have to keep two card types in mind: card drawing and card recovery. The card drawing is there for you to get Exodia into your hand, and the card recovery is there just in case you actuall lose Exodia. The combo that got some cards restricted are Distressing Choice and Reverses; Distressing Choice gets five cards from your deck (which you will use to get the Exodia cards), and your opponent puts one into your hand, and the rest go into your Cemetery. Then you use Reserves to put most of the discarded ones back into your hand. Next, the Black Forest Witches and Critters are there for you to get the Exodia cards far more quickly. Note that this Exodia deck is rather weak, and it will be up to you to tune it to your playing style.
  • Magic Cards: (12 cards)
    1. Thunder Bolt
    2. Black Hole
    3. Raise Dead
    4. Angel's Gift
    5. Angel's Gift
    6. Jar of Greed
    7. Change of Heart
    8. Theft
    9. Harpy's Feather Sweep
    10. Distressing Choice
    11. Sealing Swords of Light
    12. Welcome For The Dead
    13. Trap Cards: (10 cards)
      1. Holy Barrier - Mirror Force
      2. Magic Cylinder
      3. Imperial Decree
      4. Magic Jammer
      5. Blessing of God
      6. Vase of Greed
      7. Vase of Greed
      8. Share The Wealth
      9. Share The Wealth
      10. Reserves

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