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Fire-Themed Deck

Our next deck for this week comes as a Fire-Themed deck.

Ok here's my fire themed deck:


3x Tyrant Dragon(Fire/Dragon/8/2900/2500)
3x Red Eyes Black Dragon(Dark/Dragon/7/2400/2000)
1x Red Eyes Black Metal Dragon(Dark/Dragon/8/2800/2400)
1x Red Dragon(6/1700/1900)
2x Big Bandragon(6/2200/1700)
3x Burning Soldier(4/1700/1100)
1x Hane-Hane(Earth/Animal/2/450/500)
3x Saint Magician(Light/Magic User/1/300/400)
3x Flame Demon(Fire/Fire/4/1300/1000)
1x Meteor Dragon(Earth/Dragon/6/1800/2000)
2x Little Chimera(Fire/Animal/2/600/550)
1x Summoned Skull(Dark/Demon/6/2500/1200)

Magic Cards:

2x Fireball
1x Dark Dragon Claws
1x Raise Dead
1x Sealing Swords of Light
3x Demon Axe
1x Black Hole
1x Jar of Greed
2x Burning Blood
1x Holy Barrier - Mirror Force
1x Magic Jammer
2x Fusion
3x Metal Conversion - Magic Reflex Armor

Trap Cards:
1x Dragon Scales
1x Bottomless Pit Trap
1x Blessing of God
1x Body Strengthening Supplement - Super Z

Fusion Deck:
Meteor Black Dragon(Fire/Dragon/8/3500/2000)
Black Demon's Dragon(Dark/Dragon/8/3200/2500)

Well, here is my fire-themed deck. I consider it to be one of my best creative decks, but I still don't think its up to par. My deck revolves around my 3 Tyrant Dragons and my 3 Red Eyes Black Dragons. The Tyrant Dragon is pretty powerful by itself(2900/2500) with just 100 less atk than the BEWD but it doesn't stop there. Major advantages to this card are that my deck powers it up very well. Four Cards in my deck power up fire main types atks by 500. This being 2x Little Chimera which effect powers up fire types by 500, and Burning Blood which increases fire type attacks by 500 as well. Demon Axe powers creatures up by 1000, and Metallize powers creatures up by 300 + half the atk power of the target monster.(e.g. Tyrant Dragon + Metallize vs. BEUD, 2900 + 300 + 2250 = 5450 atk) On top of this the T-Dragon can attack twice helping my cause even more. Dragon Scales helps the majority of my monsters which are dragon sub types and have immense atk power to take advantage of this by giving out more damage of the opponent's monster's defense setting rather than attack.

My second target with this deck is to power up with the Red Eyes Black Dragon. Basically I can use most of my powerups except for the fire powerups. Anyway, the first option is to equip Metal Conversion onto REBD, if the opponent comes out w/ a strong monster like BEWD, I won't switch to REBMD, because half of BEWD's atk is 1500, so REBD's atk would be raised by 1500. Anyway, otherwise I'll bring out the Red Eyes Black Metal Dragon. After the sacrafice I can Raise Dead to bring back another hitter w/ the REBD. The other two REBD are for fusion purposes. Red Eyes Black Dragon + Demon Summon = Black Demon's Dragon(Dark/Dragon/8/3200/2500) Red Eyes Black Dragon + Meteor Dragon = Meteor Black Dragon(Fire/Dragon/8/3500/2000)

Anyway, the rest should explain itself, thanks for the tips.

The bad thing is that there are not many worthy Fire Monsters in the world of Duel Monsters. This makes a Fire deck a little difficult. But you have picked up the slack in making it a Fire/Dragon deck.

First of all, you have too many cards in the deck (around 50). Try to keep the main deck as close to 40 as possible.

I would remove the Little Chimeras. Yes, it gives you a small boost, but it needs to be face up. By the time you put it down, or summon it in attack mode, your opponent will destroy it.

Get rid of the Flame Demons and put in two Flame Duelists, which are just as powerful as the Burning Soldiers (they have 50 less in defense than the Burning Soldiers). If you're REALLY intent on Fusing, drop the Meteor Dragon and put in two Goddess of the Truthful Eye.

Remove one Saint Magician. There's nothing worse than getting one, and having no Magic cards in your Cemetery. Replace the Hane-Hand with a Penguin Soldier. The Penguin Soldier is just a double-effect Hane-Hane.

Remove one Tyrant Dragon, and one Red Eyes. Both need two Monsters to sacrifice to bring out. Plus, if you're going to rely in getting the Tyrant Dragon back into play, you're going to have to sacrifice one of your Dragons on the Field.

Remove the Red Dragon and Big Bandragons. Put in one Emerald Dragon.

Drop the two Fireballs and put in Midnight Infernos. You could also go a step and replace them with Hellblazes instead, if you don't mind the 500 damage to yourself. Swap one Demon Axe with a Thunder Bolt. I would remove the Cross Soul. Why? Well, this deck concentrates on hard, fast attacking. Giving your opponent one extra turn in such a deck is a disastrous thing. Put two Angel's Gifts in.

I can't find Dark Dragon Claws anywhere. It's only in the animated series and manga, and in my PC game. Remove it if it doesn't exist.

Remove one Metal Conversion. Replace Super Z with a Magic Cylinder.

Well, here would be our final forty-one card deck then:

    Monsters (??)

  1. Tyrant Dragon
  2. Tyrant Dragon
  3. Red Eyes Black Dragon
  4. Red Eyes Black Dragon
  5. Red Eyes Black Metal Dragon
  6. Emerald Dragon
  7. Burning Soldier
  8. Burning Soldier
  9. Burning Soldier
  10. Penguin Soldier
  11. Saint Magician
  12. Saint Magician
  13. Flame Duelist
  14. Flame Duelist
  15. Demon Summon
  16. Goddess of the Truthful Eye
  17. Goddess of the Truthful Eye
  18. Magic (??)

  19. Midnight Inferno
  20. Midnight Inferno
  21. Raise Dead
  22. Sealing Swords of Light
  23. Demon Axe
  24. Demon Axe
  25. Thunder Bolt
  26. Black Hole
  27. Jar of Greed
  28. Burning Blood
  29. Burning Blood
  30. Fusion
  31. Fusion
  32. Change of Heart
  33. Angel's Gift
  34. Angel's Gift
  35. Traps (??)

  36. Holy Barrier - Mirror Force
  37. Magic Jammer
  38. Metal Conversion - Magic Reflex Armor
  39. Metal Conversion - Magic Reflex Armor
  40. Dragon Scales
  41. Bottomless Pit Trap
  42. Blessing of God
  43. Magic Cylinder
  44. Fusion Deck (??)

  45. Meteor Black Dragon
  46. Black Demon's Dragon

Of course, the deck should be tested thoroughly, and suited to your playing style. But most of all, have fun with your theme decks. See how much flavor that Duel Monsters has!

If you have a deck that you would like to submit to Edo's Deck Lab, mail them on over to me so that I can have a look at it.

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