Yu-Gi-Oh! Card of the Week 12:
Tyrant Dragon

Type: Effect Monster
Effect: If your opponent has any monsters on the Field,
this monster can attack twice during your Battle Phase.
Also, negate and destroy Trap cards that target this
Monster. If you Special Summon this monster from your
Cemetery, you must sacrifice 1 of your Dragon Sub-Type
monsters on the Field.

Well, well, it's twelve cards of the week, and I think I've run out of snappy things to say at the prologue here. This vote for the card of the week was close; Tyrant Dragon barely beat out Dark Knight Gaia of the Gale. I think I will do Dark Knight Gaia of the Gale for next weeks, or perhaps I'll just have another vote. Post your opinion on that in the Message Board section.

This card of the week is an ultra-rare Dragon Monster from the Struggle of Chaos expansion. And it's a hefty guy. Right off the bat, I'll tell you that I think it's an overrated card. But I'll get to that a little later.

The Tyrant Dragon is a big Monster, one of the biggest guys in the game, with a whopping attack strength of 2900, and its defense strength is not too shabby at 2500 (equal to that of Blue Eyes, for the same level sacrifice). This is a relatively good attack and defense strength ratios for the two Monsters you have to sacrifice to bring it out. It's one of the few really solid Fire Main-Type Monsters that you can get.

Among those stats, Tyrant Dragon has three different effects that both make and break it, in my opinion.

First of all, the Tyrant Dragon can attack twice if your opponent has any Monsters on the Field. I call this ability "The Goat Killer", since Scapegoat seems to be in a lot of decks nowadays, for that one or two turn stall. Attach a Meteor Strike to a Tyrant Dragon before attacking the token, and you have some massive ouch time running your opponent's way.

The actual WAY that it attacks twice needs to be explain a little better. See, you don't look at your opponent's Monsters at the beginning of the Battle Phase, and if he has a Monster, you don't say "Tyrant Dragon can attack twice this turn!" It works a little differently. You attack with the Tyrant Dragon, and resolve that attack. Then, if your opponent has any remaining Monsters on the Field, it can attack again. That's what moves it down slightly on the bar.

Tyrant Dragon's second ability isn't really THAT good, as there aren't many single-targeting Trap cards out there that people put in their decks. The ability is limited to cards that the Tyrant Dragon, not massively destroy it. For example, Pit Trap (e. Trap Hole) and Emissary of Harmony (e. Waboku) won't work on the Tyrant Dragon since those effects are targeted (they effect one Monster). Things like Mirror Force can destroy it (Mirror Force isn't targeted) and Magic Cylinder can stop that attack (Magic Cylinder targets the attack, not the Monster that is attacking).

Finally is an effect which makes it low on the Monster scale, which is that it can't be Special Summoned from your Cemetery. You need to sacrifice a Dragon Sub-Type Monster in order to Special Summon it from your Cemetery. Of course, this is easy enough to accomplish by just playing one to the Field, then using Raise Dead, etc., but sacrificing a Monster to bring out another one simply from the Cemetery is expensive, whether you like it or not. Late in the game, this can be far more a burden.

Edo's Rating: 3 out of 5. I think the card's overrated. It has some nice attacking capabilities with its double-attack ability, but the rest of the effects are mild at best. It's best used in a Dragon deck, with cards that could support it better. It's not a "Hey, I'll swap out this card and put Tyrant Dragon in my deck today" type of card.

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