Yu-Gi-Oh! Card of the Week 15:
The Black-Robed Sage

Type: Effect Monster
Dark/Magic User/9/2800/3200
Effect: You can only play this card as a Special
Summon from your hand or deck by sacrificing a
[Black Magician] when a [Time Magician] successfully
uses its effect. At that time, you may search your
deck for 1 Magic card and put it into your hand.
Shuffle your deck afterward.

Well, well, fifteen card of the weeks. I didn't have a vote on this one or the last one, and this one is late, due to graduation. Also, you might start seeing some English decks by me pop up in InQuest Magazine. But enough about that, we'll be looking at a somewhat requested card, the Black Robed Sage.

The Sage first appeared in the series during the second half of the battle between Yugi and Jounouchi in the Duelist Kingdom. The Sage did NOT appear in the comic, as Yugi and Jounouchi didn't have a face-off in the Duelist Kingdom. Jounouchi used his Time Magician to age the Black Magician, but it turned out that the Black Magician also gets more powerful as it aged a millennia, into the Black-Robed Sage. Yugi summarily won the duel.

My first word on the card: "enh."

The Sage is easily overrated, because it's related to the Black Magician. Its attack and defense strengths are sorta nice for this level of a Monster, and that ability to grab one particular Magic card from your deck is attractive. However, is it really worth the risk? How big a risk is it?

Well, you need to have a bunch of cards to use it properly. First, a Black Magician has to be in play. THEN, you have to have a Time Magician in play. THEN, you have have to successfully use the Time Magician's ability. Otherwise, you'll be taking 1500 damage, and your strategy just got shot down the drain.

The Sage is based luck a little too much. However, it's not a TOTAL lost cause. Mythological Age released a card called Second Chance, that allows you to reflip a coin per turn. With this, the Sage is almost within reaching distance. But that means it's one extra card in your deck that is useless in other situations.

However, all of these cards together mean that you would have to base your deck around getting the Sage out. My feelings are that it just simply isn't worth all of the fuss of extra cards in the deck just to Special Summon the guy. Also, remember that the Sage CANNOT be summoned by sacrificing the standard two Monsters.

Edo's Rating: 1 out of 5. The Sage is really iffy. If I had one, I'd use him in a non-competetive environment in a modified Black Magician deck. However, in serious, tournament-level competition, he's pretty much dead weight, and shouldn't be taken out of your collection. The negatives outweigh the potential positives.

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