Yu-Gi-Oh! Card of the Week 14:
The Legendary Fisherman

Type: Effect Monster
Effect: If the [Sea] card in on the Field, this
card cannot be affected by Magic. Also, your
opponent cannot attack it.

Here's we go with the fourteenth card of the week for the Yu-Gi-Oh! page. This time it's a card that I'm surprised that more people haven't tried to build on: the Legendary Fisherman.

The history of this card was that it appeared in the comic in Jounouchi's (e. Joey's) duel with Ryouta Kajiki (e. Mako Tsunami) during the Battle City tournament. It gave Jounouchi some problems, but eventually overcame it. Even though the card represents the soul of Kajiki's father, Kajiki handed it over to Jounouchi as ante for winning the duel.

The story of the card is almost as spectacular as the card itself. Though its statistics are somewhat lacking for a level five Monster, its ability is what makes it quite interesting. As long as the [Sea] Field card is on the Field, the Legendary Fisherman can't be affected by Magic, and can't be attacked by your opponent.

Affected by Magic is the part that makes this Monster rather good. This is DIFFERENT than the Lord of Dragon's ability, which prevents Dragons from being the TARGET of Magic. As long as the Fisherman is face-up, Magic cards cannot affect it, even in the slightest. This means that if your opponent plays a Thunder Bolt or Black Hole (or even you play your own Black Hole), the Fisherman will not be destroyed. However, if it is face-down and your opponent uses those cards, it will be destroyed as normal. In addition, the Fisherman will not be affected by Sealing Swords of Light while he's face up (i.e. it can still attack).

The bad part about this is that is also prevents you from using your Magic cards on it. Equipment Magic cards cannot be placed on the Fisherman. Your best bet is to use some Trap Equipment cards on it, like Chained Boomerang or Metal Conversion. This means that the Fisheman is somewhat weak in that it must be supplemented with other Monsters.

Second is the not being able to be attacked portion. If the [Sea] card is on the Field, your opponent cannot attack it. This also has repercussions for your opponent. Your opponent can't attack it, though it's a Monster still on the Field. This means that your opponent WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ATTACK YOU if the Fisherman is your only Monster on the Field. This DOESN'T mean that you can directly attack your opponent; you would still have to attack your opponent's Monsters if he or she has any on the Field.

Initially, Legendary Fisherman decks weren't that great, but with the advent of Mythological Age, the card Legendary City Atlantis was released. If effectively became the Sea card, and ALSO reduced the Fisherman's level to four, so it could be played right from your hand without sacrificing!

If you can't get access to a Legendary Fisherman, there is a "poor man's" Fisherman, called the Deep Sea Warrior that is also found in Thousand Eyes Bible. It has the same "Magic card's affect it" ability, but not the "cannot be attacked" effect.

Edo's Rating: 2 out of 5. It's a card that needs you to put some thought into using, as it's regulated by another card on the Field. With the large amount of useful Magic removal in the game (Tempest, Harpy's Feather Sweep and Cyclone), it's somewhat chancey.

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