Yu-Gi-Oh! Card of the Week 13:
Dark Necrophia

Type: Effect Monster
Effect: Remove 3 Demon Sub-Type monsters in your
Cemetery from the game in order to Special Summon
this Monster. If this card is destroyed by your
opponent and it goes to the Cemetery, at the end
of the turn this card becomes an Equipment card
on an opponent's Monster. While this card is
Equipped on it, you control that Monster.

Welcome to the thirteenth card of the week for Edo's Yugioh page. Well, thirteen is an unlucky number, so let's see if we can get through this without something bad happening. This time, we'll be getting to look at a strange card, Dark Necophia

Dark Necophia first appeared in Yugi's battle with Bakura during the first round of the finals of the Battle City tournament. Bakura also used it in a combo with the Ouija Board set. Yugi ended up winning the hard-fought battle.

The truth is, I like Dark Necrophia. She has sort of a terrible beauty to her. Go ahead and call me weird if you want, but it's not as if I have any fantasies about a card.

Necrophia's stats are somewhat good for a level eight Monster. A 2800 defense strength means that she will be around for a little while.

There is a word of warning when using Dark Necrophia: you CANNOT Summon her normally. You must use the Special Summon requirement (removing three Demon Sub-Type Monsters in your Cemetery from the game) to bring her into play.

This is what makes Necrophia perfect for Demon theme decks. As well, discarding cards from your hand (such as with Angel's Gift) gives you the opportunity to get her out far more quickly.

Her actual ability makes her a rather large annoyance. Necophia's defense strength is actually a trap. How's that? Without a high enough attack strength, your opponent will not be able to destroy it to attack your Life Points directly. But if he should, her ability will be activated. As well, if your opponent should destroy her in ANY way (as long as she goes to the Cemetery), her ability will be activated. It's sort of a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" situation.

Edo's Rating: 2 out of 5. Necrophia is almost strictly for Demon decks and control decks. She can't be used easily, and several special circumstances must be built around her. You could do a Dark Necophia deck, if you wanted, but you would have to work at it.

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