Yu-Gi-Oh! Card of the Week 16:
Injection Angel Lilly

Earth/Magic User/3/400/1500
Effect: During your or your opponent's Damage
Step, you may pay 2000 Life Points and increase
this card's attack strength by 3000 for the Damage

I can't think of a snappy introduction for this week, so we'll just be jumping into a nasty little Normal Rare card from Mythological Age, called Injection Angel Lilly. This was the card that got the most votes in the poll. For the next two weeks, I will be going Last Battle, then Gilford the Lightning, so there won't be another poll for three weeks. Here we go.

Lilly is very unassuming. She's got relatively low stats for a level 3 Monsters (400/1500). That attack strength isn't going to get you anywhere, and that defense strength is average, but won't stand up to the powerhouses that are available in all of the current environments (Japanese or English). She's a Magic User, so cards that assist those can boost her power. But Lilly's strength isn't in that.

Her effect is what made this card restricted to one per deck in Japan. If you attack your opponent (or his or her Monsters), or your opponent attacks Lilly with a Monster, you can pay 2000 Life Points to up her attack strength by 3000 -- meaning she will be at 3400 (and this isn't including power ups like Demon's Axe and Giant Growth!). Believe it or not, 2000 Life Points is NOTHING in this game. That much (and more) can be dealt by Monsters in a single turn. However, 3000 attack strength is NOTHING to sneeze at, and it's a little hard for Monsters to do that much damage so quickly, and for such a small cost. Lilly, after her own increase, can bust through tough Monsters such as the Tyrant Dragon, Blue Eyes, Millennium Shield, and others.

Attacking directly for little over 3000 damage is Lilly's fortay, but she's also used to clear the way for your other Monsters that need to bust through. Need that Yatakarsu (Eight Giant Crows) to nail your opponent? Send Lilly in first. Don Zaruug? Send Lilly in. Lilly makes it hard for your opponent to come back when he faces a discard deck.

Edo's Rating: 4 out of 5. Lilly is an amazing card. Her Life Cost may seem high, but it's not mandatory. And even if you do use it, there are more than enough ways to restore Life Points in the current environment. She belongs in just about every beatdown deck out there. She's THAT good.

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