Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters

Yugi Mutou
Yugi Mutou is the main character of Yu-Gi-Oh! He completed the Millennium Puzzle, which unlocked a personality hidden deep with the puzzle. This personality comes out whenever Yugi needs to play a game. In other mediums (magazines, games, etc.), this "other" Yugi is called the "Dark Yugi". Yugi has gone to the Duelist Kingdom to retrieve the soul of his grandfather, which was stolen by the creator of the Duel Monsters card game, Pegasus J. Crawford (below).
Introduced in Episode 1
Tea Gardner (Japanese Name: Anzu Mazaki)
The female member of the group. Anzu doesn't play a huge role in the series, but comes through in a pinch. Though their relationship isn't developed in the series, in the comic, Yugi has a large crush on her. Anzu, in turn, has a crush on the other Yugi. She has since learned to accept that they are both flip-sides of the same coin. The funny part is, the other Yugi is rather indifferent to Anzu.
Introduced in Episode 1
Joey Wheeler (Japanese Name: Katsuya Jounouchi)
Yugi's best friend and rival. Early in the comic, both he (often simply called Jounouchi) and Honda (below) had the habit of picking on Yugi since he was short. However, when Yugi stood up for both of them after being beat up by a larger bully (and also getting beat up in the process), both became Yugi's friends, and are almost always seen with him. Jounouchi also goes to the Duelist Kingdomm, but for a different reason: his sister, Shizuka (below), is going to go blind due to a malformity in her eyes. Winning the Duelist Kingdom tournament will allow him to get enough prize money to pay for an operation to fix her eyes.
Introduced in Episode 1
Tristan Taylor (Japanese Name: Hiroto Honda)
Jounouchi's partner in crime, and member of the group. Honda doesn't play an exceptional role in the series. He has some Duel Monsters card, but doesn't play the game. He comes along to the Duelist Kingdom for moral support.
Introduced in Episode 1
"Grandpa" Sugoroku Mutou
Yugi's grandfather, who owns a game store (which is connected to Yugi's home). He is a great game player, and teaches Jounouchi how to be a better card game player. Pegasus J. Crawford steals his soul in order to get Yugi to come to the Duelist Kingdom tournament.
Introduced in Episode 1
Ryou Bakura
A mysterious young man that is part of Yugi's group, but is not featured until later in the series. Anzu sees him several times, but thinks it's just her mind, since he disappears soon after. The truth is, Bakura is the holder of the Millennium Ring, another Millennium Item. This item also has a terribly dark hidden personality. The Millennium Ring has the power to detect other Millennium Items. (NOTE: The Japanese voice actress of Bakura is the same voice actress as Saila Mas in the original Gundam series from the 1980s.)
Introduced in Episode 12 (If you're paying attention, you can catch him in the first three episodes by his hair.)
Serenity Wheeler (Japanese Name: Shizuka Jounouchi)
Jounouchi's younger sister. Their parents divorced when they were younger, and she was taken to another city. Jounouchi cares a lot about his sister, and is the foremost reason why he is fighting in the Duelist Kingdom. She has a birth-defect with her eyes, and only an expensive operation can save her from going blind.
Introduced in Episode 3
Seto Kaiba
Seto Kaiba is the rich president of the Kaiba Corporation... and he's only in high school! He is also one of the best Duel Monsters players on the planet. He is initially introduced to gain Sugoroku's extremely rare Blue Eyes White Dragon card, but when refused, he takes Sugoroku and forces his to bet the card in a duel. After losing to Yugi, Kaiba makes it his life's goal to finally defeat Yugi. Kaiba also goes to the Duelist Kingdom when he finds that Pegasus has taken his little brother.
Introduced in Episode 1
Mokuba Kaiba
Mokuba Kaiba is the little brother of Seto Kaiba. Kaiba takes a sabbatical from being the head of the Kaiba Corporation, and gives Mokuba the key data for the corporation. Pegasus then kidnaps Mokuba for the key.
Introduced in Episode 1
Maximillion Pegasus (Japanese Name: Pegasus J. Crawford)
The American designer of the Duel Monsters card game, and head of the Industrial Illusion Company. What makes Pegasus so dangerous is that he also has a Millennium Item, called the Millennium Eye. This Item allows him to read an opponent's mind. This is the reason that he has never been defeated. He also has a secret: Why is he willing to go so far to gain control of the Kaiba Corporation? All will be revealed in the end. (NOTE: The Japanese voice actor for Pegasus elongates his ending to sentences, for "masu" and "desu". He does the same thing in the Japanese comic. This is one of the funny bits that is not in the English language version.)
Introduced in Episode 2
Weevil Underwood (Japanese Name: Insector Haga)
Insector Haga is the Japanese National Duel Monsters champion. On the ship to the Duelist Kingdom, Haga takes Yugi's prized Exodia cards, and tosses them overboard. Haga subsequently becomes the first one that Yugi fights in the Duelist Kingdom. As his name suggests, his deck is compsed of Insect monsters.
Introduced in Episode 2
Rex Raptor (Japanese Name: Dinosaur Ryuzaki)
Dinosaur Ryuzaki is the Japanese National runner-up. He is slightly vain, but is not a horse's ass like Haga, though they are often seen together (for some odd reason). As his name suggests, his deck is composed of powerful Dinosaur monsters.
Introduced in Episode 2
Mai Valentine (Japanese Name: Mai Kujaku)
Mai Kujaku is a female duelist that has come to the Duelist Kindgom to not only win the prize money, but to also to test her skills. Mai uses a special card trick to get the better of her opponents. Her deck is based upon the Harpy Lady card.
Introduced in Episode 3
Mako Tsunami (Japanese Name: Ryouta Kajiki)
Ryouta is a jovial duelist, who makes his living and dueling by way of the sea. His deck is composed out of cards that have to do with the ocean. When he was young, his father was lost at sea, and he's spending his time looking for him. Later in the series, Ryouta's trump card will be the Legendary Fisherman in a duel with Jounouchi.
Introduced in Episode 4
"Bandit" Keith Howard
Also called "Bandit Keith". He gained that name when he won every major American prize-money tournament for Duel Monsters. Extremely arrogant. He was disgraced and humilated in front of millions of people by Pegasus, when Pegasus had a young boy defeat Keith. He wishes to pay that insult back to Pegasus. He is NOT an official member of the tournament.
Introduced in Episode 16
The Death Imitator (Japanese Name)
The Industrial Illusion Company brought four Player Killers to the island in order to prevent people from winning the tournament by taking their Star Chips. This first player killer dresses up like Seto Kaiba, and used Seto's deck that was stolen, in order to defeat Yugi.
Introduced in Episode 8
Panik (Japanese Name: Player Killer)
Given no other name, the Player Killer is another Duelist that was brought to the island to get rid of Duelists. Yugi and company first meet him when they find out that Mai had lost all of her Star Chips to him. Yugi then promptly duels him. He uses darkness monsters.
Introduced in Episode 14
Bonz (Japanese Name: Ghost Kotsuzuka)
Bandit Keith enlists his help, along with two others, to get into Pegasus' castle. His deck is composed of Ghost monsters. Keith enhances his deck further.
Introduced in Episode 17
Para and Dox (Japanese Names: Mei and Kyuu; when run together, makes the world "Meikyuu," which means "maze" or "labyrinth")
The Labyrinth Brothers, the Player Killers of the labyrinth. They face both Yugi and Jounouchi in a Tag Duel.
Introduced in Episode 19

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