Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game Essay 01:
The English Decks YOU Should Be Playing

Welcome to the first is a (hopefully) series of essays that have to do with the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game. The first essay is something that deals with the English-language version of the game. Since it has been out for nearly a month now, it is time that we discuss which decks YOU should be playing, in the rank of their effectiveness.

1. F/S Beatdown

F/S Beatdown is the name for the current popular deck type out there right now. It is similar to the "Haymaker" deck archetype in Pokemon. The deck name stands for Fiend/Spellcaster Beatdown (some, like me, call it "Full of Sh*t Beatdown"; but that's beside the point). This deck uses a number of Demon (e. Fiend) and Magic-User (e. Spellcaster) cards, combined with Equipment cards and the Darkenss (e. Yami) Field card to pump the Monsters up to exponential proportions. It uses the highest attack strength level four Monsters of those types, including Ra Djinn (e. La Djinn), Neo, Battle Ox, Rogue Doll, and throws in one or two Black Magicians (e. Dark Magicians) for good measure). Right now, F/S Beatdown is THE most effective deck in the current environment.

2. Lord of Dragons

I'm going out on a limb to rank this deck as number two. This is due to the amount of pure damage that can be done in a single turn with this deck. For those who don't know, it uses the Lord of Dragons (e. Lord of D.) to dump huge attack strength dragons onto the Field, such as Blue Eyes White Dragon, Tri-Horned Dragon and Red Eyes Black Dragon to lay waste to their opponents with an onslaught of terror. Some might call this deck a bit unfair, possibly even ranking it a few notches below the Devil Franken Deck, since it can destroy your opponent in a single turn. (SIDE NOTE: This is the English deck that Edo plays.)

3. Cemetery Recursion

This deck is a bit similar to Lord of Dragons above, but uses a different strategy to get powerful Monsters onto the Field. The whole point of the deck is to place a Raise Dead (e. Monster Reborn), use a Hand Obliteration (e. Card Destruction) to dump a powerful Monster like Blue Eyes into your Cemetery, then activate the Raise Dead to Special Summon it into play. Yes, you can activate a MAGIC card during the turn in which you place it.

4. Fusion

Yes, Fusion Decks are ranked in this deck list. Why? Because you have some relatively above-average Fusion Monsters in the current environment. This deck is also suited for a Warrior Deck, since a majority of the good cards that go into fusing here are warriors. However, there are only three good Fusions Monsters at the time being: Dragon Knight Gaia (e. Gaia The Dragon Champion), Flame Swordsman and Flower Wolf. The truth is, playing Fusion right now isn't the best idea; wait until the next expansion when you'll get even better Fusion-worthy Monsters, such as Twin-headed Thunder Dragon and Black Demon's Dragon (e. Black Skull Dragon).

5. Exodia

Exodia is a joke right now. What do I mean? Right now, with a lack of reliable card drawing and search engines, Exodia is a problem to play. What's more, it's hard enough to get three or four ultra rare cards. How are you going to get ahold of a lot of those Exodia parts? Basically, one Hand Obliteration (e. Card Destruction) will ruin your whole day during a game. Right now, you can really rely only on a defensive Exodia deck.

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