Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game Essay 02:
The Swords of Revealing Light Controversy

Welcome to the second essay for Edo's Small Yu-Gi-Oh! page. Here, we will be discussing a controversy that people have been brewing over for a while. And that card is the Sealing Swords of Light (e. Swords of Revealing Light). I have posted the solution to this problem on three different mailing lists, but I might as well explain myself here as well.

First of all, the debate stems from this: Swords of Revealing Light is a NORMAL Magic card. That means, when it is played, it SHOULD be placed in the Cemetery after use, correct? There is no Permanent (e. Continuous) icon on the card, so that thinking is correct...in a way.

The unfortunate fact with this card is that it was being abused in Japan. (Those who think that most Japanese people take their card games "lightly", and don't play seriously are GRAVELY mistaken.) It stems from the problem of using the card, then using the Saint Magician (e. Magician of Faith) to get them back. If done correctly, your opponent will not be able to attack for a total of EIGHTEEN TURNS ([Three Swords + three Saint Magicians] x three turns each). This type of misuse was not overlooked by Konami.

Enter the extended effect ruling for the Swords. To curb the terrible power...no...ANNOYANCE...of this card, something had to be done. The ruling was released, and it went a little like this: Once Swords has been played, it is placed on the Field AND REMAINS ON THE FIELD FOR THE DURATION OF ITS EFFECT. This is so that the cards that can destroy Magic cards can remove it from the Field. (This will be demonstrated in the animated series during Battle City, where Yugi destroys the Sealing Swords of Light of the Rare Hunter.) At the end of your OPPONENT'S third turn of being affected by it, the Swords is destroyed and placed in your Cemetery.

This was not without its drawbacks, though. When Magic Ruler was released, a card called Hurricane came with it. To save you from having to look up the effect of the card for yourself, its effect is "Return all Magic and Trap cards on the Field to their owner's hands." So, with this card, you wait until the second turn for the Swords is up, play Hurricane, returning the Swords to your hand, then replay it. This kind of use also lead to the Swords being restricted to two cards per deck in tournaments. However, this kind of problem isn't that big a deal, as most people are packing Cyclones in their decks everyday, and Hurricane is pretty much useless in that combo if the Swords are destroyed.

This also led to another problem that is inconsistent with the ruling with Swords: the Trap card called Deck Destruction Virus of Death (e. Crush Card) (NOTE: Kaiba will use this in the second episode of his and Yugi's confrontation in the Duelist Kingdom) ALSO has a time limit of three turns. What's the problem? Well, Konami has ruled that the Virus DOESN'T stay on the Field for three turns. Why is that? The logic is unknown in this facet. It could be any number of reasons.

So, there you have it to explain the controversy. Remember that these are the JAPANESE rulings on the card game -- and Japanese people are the ones that MADE this game. Until a concrete English-language ruling is made on the topic, the only course of action is to follow the rulings that the creators have stated on the subject. And that is that the Swords STAYS in play until the end of your opponent's third turn. Those who say otherwise can debate it until they are blue in the face, but the fact remains that THIS IS HOW THE CARD WORKS. I don't know how much more I can state or explain the topic until people understand.

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