Yu-Gi-Oh! Card of the Week 11:
Avatar of Apophis

Type: Permanent Trap
Effect: This card can only be activated during a Main Phase.
After activated, this card becomes a Monster card
(Earth/Reptile/4/1600/1800), and it Special Summoned to your
Monster Zone (it's still considered a Trap card).

Ten card of the weeks done, and here we are with the eleventh. Strangely enough, I have had people asking what the next CoTW is going to be. I guess people ARE coming to my page to read what I have to say. And for that, I thank you.

For those who want to know what my favorite card is, I don't have a concrete favorite card. I have a few favorite cards. And Avatar of Apophis is one of them.

(NOTE: There are several translations exactly what "keshin" means. Literally, it means the "physical representation of divinity." You can also call it "incarnate", if you wish.)

The history of this card is that Rishid used it in his Trap deck against Jounouchi. He got three on the Field, and proceeded to run rampant through Jounouchi and his Monsters. Only an amazing combo on Jounouchi's part got his Psycho Shocker into play to save his life.

The usage of the Avatar is somewhat simple: activate it during a Main Phase, and it becomes a Monster. Note that it says "a" Main Phase, not limiting it to "your" Main Phase. This means, you can activate it during your opponent's turn, but there is a specific time frame WHEN it must be activated. Of course, this is useful for staving off one of your opponent's Monsters. It's defense strength isn't too bad.

What makes this card nice is that it doesn't count as one of your Monster plays for the turn. So, you could place this card, and play an actual Monster down.

Of course, since it doesn't count as a Monster play, it's great for high-level sacrifices. Placing one or two of these, then activating them on your next turn allows you to summon out a hevay hitter, like a Cosmo Queen, or get a Demon Summon out in one turn.

The main problem with this card is that, even if it is a Monster, it ALSO counts as a Trap card. This leave it vulnerable to two sets of removal: Monster and Trap. Since it still counts as a Trap, it ALSO still takes up a M/T Slot, reducing the number of options that you have.

Second is Psycho Shocker. Well, it cancels the use of Trap cards. Well, you can guess the result.

Edo's Rating: 3 out of 5. It's a real nice card. I like it a lot, and use at least two in my Japanese deck. For some high-level Monster decks, it's a very good choice. It also makes your opponent gasp when you get a Monster out at least one turn earlier than you should. But with Psycho Shocker in many decks...it might be better to avoid it...

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