Yu-Gi-Oh! Card of the Week 10:
Metal Conversion - Magic Reflex Armor

Types: Normal Trap
Effect: Increase the attack and defense strengths of a
Monster by 300, and when the Equipped Monster attacks
increase the damage done by half the attack strength
of the defending Monster.

Welcome to the tenth anniversary of the card of the week! Okay, so it's not that big of a deal, but I hope that I've been keeping you entertained for the last month and a half or so. This week we have a somewhat popular card, but usually only popular by mouth, since it isn't in too many decks.

The history of the card goes like this -- Bandit Keith used it to turn his Devilzoa into a Metal Devilzoa during the semi-finals of the Duelist Kingdom, when he was dueling Jounouchi. Jounouchi later copies the card's effect, turning his Red Eyes into Red Eyes Black Metal Dragon.

The usage of the card basically is as follows: you activate it, and it becomes an Equipment card on one of your Monsters. The Equipped Monster increases its attack and defense strengths by 300 while the Metal Conversion is equipped on it. IN ADDITION, when it attacks, it increases the damage done in the attack by half the defending Monster's attack strength. Note that the increase takes effect whether or not the defending Monster is in attack or defense mode.

For example, I attack your Holy Elf (e. Mystical Elf) (800/2000) with my Magic Swordsman Neo (1700/1000). I activate my Metal Conversion, which increases its stats to 2000/1300. Even if your Holy Elf was in defense mode, I would still gain a 200 point attack strength bonus for figuring out damage.

Metal Conversion, unlike it's namesake, DOESN'T turn your Monster into a Machine Sub-Type Monster.

Of course, this card is the bane of large Monster decks. Concievably, you could take down much larger Monsters with a smaller one, as long as it had the Metal Conversion equipped on it.

However, Metal Conversion isn't as popular as it could be in many decks. This was originally due to the fact that it was a promo card (packed in the Japanese Forbidden Memories for the PlayStation), and could be hard to get. It got harder to get as the time went by. However, it was then reprinted in Premium Pack 5, for the goodness to be once-again shared among the people. [NOTE: The picture above is the original Japanese Forbidden Memories pack-in card. The reprinted Premium Pack 5 version is somewhat different.]

The true popularity of the card comes from its relation to one of the most popular cards in the game -- Red Eyes Black Dragon. You can sacrifice a Red Eyes Black Dragon that has a Metal Conversion equipped on it to play a Red Eyes Black Metal Dragon from your deck. ONLY from your deck. If you have it in your hand or Cemetery, then it's bad news; it can't come into play. Devilzoa and Metal Devilzoa are currently hard-to-find promo cards, since they were also packed with the Japanese Forbidden Memories -- but Metal Devilzoa was a SECRET Rare, making it even MORE hard to get.

Edo's Rating: 3 out of 5. Metal Conversion isn't that great of a card, mainly due to its real strength being based on the attack strengths of your opponent's Monsters. If your opponent is playing a defensive deck, it's true power goes to waste. However, it is rather gratifying to play the Red Eyes Black Metal Dragon combo. You should try it at least once.

(Try and make yourself a Metal Deck. It can be rather easy, but works "better" (theme-wise) in a Machine deck.

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