Yu-Gi-Oh! Card of the Week 09:
Thousand Eyes Sacrifice

Types: Dark/Magic User
Level: 1
Attack Strength: 0
Defense Strength: 0
Effect: [Sacrifice] + [Wicked God of A Thousand Eyes]
When this card is on the Field, other Monsters cannot
attack nor change their modes. Once during your turn,
you may absorb 1 of your opponent's Monsters, gaining the
attack and defense strengths of that Monster. You can only
absorb 1 Monster at a time, and it becomes an Equipment card
on this Monster.

Here's the ninth card of the week for Edo's Small Yu-Gi-Oh! page. The poll was a bit close, but Thousand Eyes Sacrifice won out against the other contenders. A new poll for the next card of the week will be posted shortly. And now on to our card of the week.

I should say that I'm biased against this card. I like it. I use it in my Japanese deck (take a look at the Ancient Edo deck on the main page).

The story behind Thousand Eyes Sacrifice comes from Yugi's battle with Pegasus. Pegasus summons a Monster called Sacrifice (e. Relinquished), and later fuses the it with the Wicked God of a Thousand Eyes, turning it into Thousand Eyes Sacrifice.

The are several things that make this a good card, and possibly even better than its "standard" counterpart, Sacrifice. Ignore its attack and defense strengths for a moment. We're talking about three of its abilities for a moment. Yes, I said three abilities.

The first ability to discuss is the fact that it's a Fusion Monster. This is great since you can build a deck around the Fusion Monsters, plus putting Fusion-substitution Monsters in the deck (such as Goddess of the Truthful Eye, Vasago, etc.). This also makes TES a Special Summon. This is why people seems to favor TES over the "normal" Sacrifice.

Second is that TES has a built-in permanent Sealing Swords of Light (e. Swords of Revealing Light). Unfortunately, this also works as one AGAINST you as well. However, this can work to your advantage. If you are playing a Lock, Hand and/or Deck Destruction, or Cannon Soldier, TES helps you hold your opponent off until you wreck some massive havoc on your opponent and his deck.

The final ability of TES is just like the other Sacrifice: absorb one of your opponent's Monsters. This makes TES a surprise tactic in for your opponent. If your opponent relies on a big Monster, bring out TES, absorb his Monster, then smack him or her for a lot of damage. Remember that the absorbed Monster becomes an Equipment card that takes up one of your M/T slots.

There are some extended rulings for TES (and Sacrifice) that Konami has released that are NOT on the card itself. When TES/Sacrifice is attacked while it has a Monster absorbed (and is in attack mode) and the attacking Monster has a higher attack strength, TES/Sacrifice is NOT destroyed as normal; instead, the absorbed Monster is destroyed instead. WHAT'S MORE is that your opponent will ALSO receive the same amount of the damage done to you. For example, if your Sacrifice has a Black Magician (attack strength 2500) and your opponent attacks it with a Blue Eyes, BOTH players will receive 500 damage, the absorbed Monster will be destroyed, and Sacrifice will still survive. However, this leads to the fact that it has a 0 attack strength...Well, you can see where this is leading. Defense mode is similar, but neither player will take any damage.

Edo's Rating: 3 out of 5. TES isn't a card that one should take lightly. It's more of a key card, or a card that a deck should be built around. That doesn't mean that you HAVE to do that, but it will certainly help. If you can work around its disadvantages, then it is a fearful card. However, nuking the Monster will end its effect for the Field.

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