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The Lord of Dragons Deck, Version 2!

Well, it was about time that they released the official restricted list. The game has been out for barely two months (perhaps a month and a half), and the first pain-in-the-butt cards has been noticed. (Check the main page for the English list.)

Since that is the case, a second version of Edo's LOD deck needs to be made that includes these restrictions.

The impact of these restrictions on LOD is somewhat severe. The problem wasn't so much with restricting Raigeki and Dark Hole; those were just mass Monster removal that allowed you to do a lot of damage in a short time. Monster Reborn wasn't too much of a problem, but since the deck does use the Card Destruction/Monster Reborn combo, it does hurt some. Change of Heart didn't hurt, as it was just in there to help you along and do some extra damage.

What made LOD deadly is its speed; I've won the game on the second turn with it. It's actually faster than F/S Beatdown. What chopped the legs out from under it is restricting Pot of Greed down to one card, and Card Destruction down to two. Pot of Greed is what gave LOD incredible speed, and limiting Card Destruction to two hurt somewhat, but not as much as Pot of Greed.

If you take a look at my previous LOD (the one without the restrictions), we had to remove the following cards:

That's ten cards (one forth of the entire deck), if you're keeping track, that was to be tossed out the window. The biggest problem is finding cards reliable enough to replace without destroying the entire theme.

During the first "draft" of the this second version, I tried to replace them with the following cards:

I did about ten to thirteen "sample games" (no opponents; just testing) with this deck, playing through until I could get the LOD combo out.

Boy was it slow. Not the game, but rather trying to get to the cards that I needed. The unfortunate fact was that I found another side-effect to having lost two Pots of Greeds and one Card Destruction -- the number of Magic cards in the deck meant no Monsters in their place. This left a BIG gap to taking LOTS of damage in a short time. So, the Monster count needed to be increased, while replacing the effects of some of the Magic cards.

Taking a look at the cards that I replaced (as above), I realized that putting in two Hane-Hane was good for stalling (Hane-Hane can effectively block two attacks), but I knew that I needed more Monsters. Out when a Fissure, and another Man-Eater Bug went in its place. I should put in another Hane-Hane, but I don't, um, have any more Japanese ones... (try another one, if you want).

I banked on it, and just decided to replace the two Ookazis with two Giant Soldiers of Stone, since I would be doing a lot of damage in a short period of time. I just needed to stay alive long enough to do it!

The truth is, I'm not as confident in the deck as I used to be. It could still use some more testing, just to see what needs to be exchanged. Try it on your own, and see what happens.

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