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The Lord of Dragons Deck

Well, well, the English version is finally here. Since no one in my area has yet been playing with their Japanese cards, I have had to come up with a deck that has cards that were released in English. Keys words there: "...were released in English." This means that I can use my Japanese cards that have English counterparts, since they are infinitely easier to come by than the English ones (you know how much three Tri-Horned Dragons would cost me?).

So, instead of using the F/S Beatdown deck, I decided to come up with my own Lord of Dragons deck, based on the cards that have been released in English so far: The Yugi and Kaiba Starter Deck, and the English Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon release. This means that the following Japanese sets are usable: EX-R, Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon and Phantom God.

The Lord of Dragons deck is a nifty little combo deck. You are supposed to sweep the Field, summon the Lord, play the Flute to summon some high-level Dragons, and commence the beatdown.

The unfairness of this deck is curbed by its actual speed: compared to F/S Beatdown, this deck is pretty slow. The best combos that can come out of it are the Lord + Flute Combo, or the Card Destruction + Monster Reborn combo. Without some of those key cards, you're just a rock in the road that is going to get pounded by your opponent.

One of the good things about this deck is that it is almost entirely unaffected by two prominent trap cards: Trap Hole and Waboku. Why? Waboku can't stop the damage from a Dragon is the Lord is on the Field. Trap Hole can't destroy a Special Summoned Dragon, and it can't be used on a Dragon if the Lord is on the Field. Pretty sneaky, isn't it?

In the deck below, I know people are going to say: Why don't you have more Thunder Bolts (e. Raigeki) in your deck? Well, the reason is two-fold: 1.) I only have one Thunder Bolt, and 2) Black Hole is actually BETTER for this deck than Thunder Bolt.

Here's why. Say you have a big Dragon on the Field, a Black Hole and a Raise Dead in your hand. You can simply clear the Field of your Monster and your opponent's Monster(s) with the Black Hole, and Raise Dead on the Dragon to put it back into play for some free damage. Pretty DARN sneaky, huh?

It's up to you if you wish to try this deck. Good luck getting all of the cards unless you're going with the Japanese ones.

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