Yu-Gi-Oh! Card of the Week 18:
Gilford The Lightning

Effect: Sacrifice 3 Monsters to summon this card, and destroy
all of your opponent's Monsters on the Field.

Eighteen cards. Well, eighteen was when I graduated from high school, so it's a good number...right? Here's a promo card from Duel Monsters 6 (a guaranteed pack-in card, if you buy the game). There is a poll in the message board for the next four cards of the week. I will simply be using them in order of the votes, and using them for the next month.

Gilford The Lightning appeared in the comic when Jounouchi was in quarter-finals of the Battle City tournament with Malik. He brought it out to destroy some of Malik's annoying Monsters. But it was all for naught, as he lost the duel.

Gilford The Lightning is a nifty little card. His stats aren't too shabby, with a 2800 attack strength and 1400 defense strength. This low defense strength is good, as the Black Forest Witch can yank him from your deck and put it into your hand. The Warrior Sub-Type is standard, and can benefit from some cool cards from Struggle of Chaos, such as Resilient Warrior. He's also a Light Main-Type, and can gain some benefits from Shine Castle to bump him up to a 3500.

Gilford's ability is what makes him pretty neat: he has a built in Thunder Bolt when he comes into play. The thing is, you need to sacrifice three of your Monsters on the Field in order to activate the ability. You CAN still summon him normally, by sacrificing the two standard Monsters. Bringing him into play with his ability is still considered a Normal Summon, not a Special Summon.

However, Gilford's ability is ONLY activated when he is brought into play from your hand by sacrificing three Monsters. So, if you dump him into your Cemetery, and revive him, he won't be blowing up any of your opponent's Monsters (well, with his effect, anyway).

Edo's Rating: 3 out of 5. Gilford's a powerhouse of a card. His statistics are highly usable during a duel. In addition, he can nuke your opponent's Monsters by sacrificing three Monsters to bring it into play, but three Monsters is a lot. After all, there is a HUGE amount of Monster removal cards in this game, and sometimes getting two Monsters out if hard enough. Three Monsters can be almost impossible in the environment.

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