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Welcome to the first installment of Edo's Deck Lab. This area is meant to help people with the decks that they have constructed to make them even better. For this week, we will be a looking at a Red Eyes Black Dragon deck that was submitted to me.

This is a Vic Viper deck I've been tooling about with lately. It's made up entirely of light main-type monsters, so I've taken to calling it my Continual Light deck. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

3 x Futuristic Space Fighter: Vic Viper (Light/Machine/4/1200/800) 
3 x Option (Light/Machine/?/?) 
2 x Holy Shine Soul (Light/Angel/6/2000/1800) 
2 x Kaiser Seahorse (Light/Sea Dragon/4/1700/1650) 
1 x Rocket Warrior (Light/Warrior/4/1500/1300) 
1 x Warrior of the Sun (Light/Warrior/5/2100/1400) 
2 x Harp spirit (Light/Angel/4/800/2000) 
1 x Holy Elf (Light/Magic User/4/800/2000) 
1 x Goddess of the Truthful Eye (Light/Angel/4/1200/1000) 
3 x Blue-Eyes White Dragon (Light/Dragon/8/3000/2500) 
2 x Winged Messenger (Light/Angel/7/2750/2400)


2 x 7 Card 
2 x Cyclone Laser 
1 x Black Hole 
1 x Raise Dead 
2 x Swords of Sealing Light 
1 x Change of Heart 
1 x Soothing Song 
1 x Tempest 
1 x Hurricane 
1 x Limiter Removal 
2 x Cross Soul 
1 x Fusion 
1 x Jar of Greed 

1 x Holy Barrier Mirror Force 
1 x Holy Radiance 
1 x Magic Jammer 
1 x Magic Cylinder 

The whole idea for the deck started when I saw the "Option" card from the Mythological Age set; something in the back of my head compelled me to try to make a Vic Viper deck someday. At the same time, I was looking for ways to quickly play 7-star monsters without having to wait to have two monsters to sacrifice. From there I decided to try to put together a deck consisting entirely of light-type monsters, thus the theme. The basic concept here is to try to have the two monsters I need for sacrifice in one turn, instead of having to wait two turns summoning them one at a time. This deck has several methods of getting this "second monster", such as the Kaiser Seahorse (already counts as two monsters for sacrifices to light-type monsters), the Vic Viper/Option combo (probably the most fragile on its own, since destroying the vic viper destroys them both), Cross Soul or Change of Heart (which has the added benefit of removing an opponent's monster), and Holy Shine Soul (whose effect special summon is easier to use since all the monsters are light-type). The Vic Vipers can still hold their own, of course, with the help of the cyclone lasers, 7 cards, and limiter removal, and with an option or two can bring a lot of firepower to bear, especially right after the field gets cleared of monsters. The Holy Radiance is in there partly for thematic reasons and partly because I hate having to deal with reverse effect monsters :p. The Warrior of the Sun, in addition to being perfect for the theme of the deck, is probably the easiest decent-power card to summon in the deck, since it only requires one monster sacrifice, easily accomplished between the holy shine souls, change of heart, and cross souls. I could probably use more 5-6 star monsters, but I can't seem to find any that fit in the theme of the deck. Ditto for more machine-type monsters; it would probably help to have more cards that I could use with the limiter removal and 7 Cards.

-Garrett Wong, Knight of Dawn ...currenntly taking bets; if Konami releases a Tokimeki Memorial based Yu-gi-oh card before it releases an Akumajo Dracula/Castlevania based Yu-gi-oh card, I owe him ten bucks. :p

Hmm. Personally, I would call it a Gradius Deck, and work from there. Sort of like Mai Kujaku's (e. Mai Valentine) Harpy Lady Deck, this one would use the Vic Viper. Well, we'll work with this Light Main-Type deck and see what we can do.

I would yank the Sun Warrior, the Holy Elf and Goddess of the Truthful Eye, and instead put in three Magic Swordsman Neo (Light/Magic User/4/1700/1000). This will give your deck a bit of a boost, and try to curb your opponent since you have five high-level Monsters in the deck.

Since you only have one Machine card in your deck, remove both the 7 Card and the Limiter Removal, replacing them with three Shine Castles. Sure, they won't be able to boost your defense strength, but the Shine Castle has the same attack strength bonus as the 7 Card AND will work with ANY Light Main-Type Monster.

Since you're going to concentrate on attacking, remove the Cross Souls. Cross Souls basically give your opponent a free turn to deal with your Monsters on the Field. Remove both of them, and put in an Early Burial and put in the standard Thunder Bolt.

You have a Fusion card in there, but there was no Fusion deck listed. Remove the Fusion card. Replace it with a Harpy's Feather Sweep.

Five high-level Monsters can be quite a stretch. Remove one of them, saying a Winged Messenger. If you want a Field card in the deck, go for a Shine Spark instead of the Soothing Song. Yes, it will lower the defense of some of your Monsters, but will help with the attack strength boost in the long run.

You can't forget about Angel's Gift. I would yank the remaining two Harp Spirits and put two Angel's Gifts in. This can help you get some of your high-level Monsters into the Cemetery to revive them.

You could leave the Holy Radiance in your deck for flavor purposes, but I would remove it to make it a forty card deck.

Well, here would be our final forty card sample deck then:

  1. Futuristic Space Fighter: Vic Viper
  2. Futuristic Space Fighter: Vic Viper
  3. Futuristic Space Fighter: Vic Viper
  4. Option
  5. Option
  6. Option
  7. Holy Shine Soul
  8. Holy Shine Soul
  9. Kaiser Seahorse
  10. Kaiser Seahorse
  11. Rocket Warrior
  12. Magic Swordsman Neo
  13. Magic Swordsman Neo
  14. Magic Swordsman Neo
  15. Blue Eyes White Dragon
  16. Blue Eyes White Dragon
  17. Blue Eyes White Dragon
  18. Winged Messenger
  19. Shine Castle
  20. Shine Castle
  21. Shine Castle
  22. Cyclone Laser
  23. Cyclone Laser
  24. Black Hole
  25. Raise Dead
  26. Sealing Swords of Light
  27. Sealing Swords of Light
  28. Change of Heart
  29. Shine Spark
  30. Tempest
  31. Hurricane
  32. Early Burial
  33. Thunder Bolt
  34. Harpy's Feather Sweep
  35. Jar of Greed
  36. Angel's Gift
  37. Angel's Gift
  38. Holy Barrier - Mirror Force
  39. Holy Radiance
  40. Magic Jammer
  41. Magic Cylinder

Of course, the deck should be tested thoroughly, and suited to your playing style. But most of all, have fun with your theme decks. See how much flavor that Duel Monsters has!

If you have a deck that you would like to submit to Edo's Deck Lab, mail them on over to me so that I can have a look at it.

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