Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game Essay 05:
What To Look For In Metal Raiders

Welcome to the fifth essay for Edo's Yu-Gi-Oh! page. Unlike the previous essay, we will be dealing with actual, playable cards for the card game. I will be telling you the top ten cards you should be looking out for when Metal Raiders is released in English.

The English Metal Raiders set will be comprised of the Japanese sets of Revival of Black Demon's Dragon and Metal Raiders, and will complete the set of reprint series that was released in Japan (minus Booster Chronicle, of course).

Metal Raiders will unlock a whole slew of usable cards, not only for the construction of specific decks, but all-around cards that are usable in every deck. My new "deck rankings" will be released when the new set is released, for the Metal Raiders edition of "English Decks YOU Should Be Playing."

10. White Thief (e. White Magical Hat)

Don't scoff at this guy. He's one of the few reliable discard Monsters in the game, and still used to this day in Japan. There are few actual cards that discard cards from your opponent's hand in Yu-Gi-Oh! (and almost all of them are restricted in Japanese tournaments). Not only this, the White Thief RANDOMLY discards cards from your opponent's hand. This cards is beyond useful early in the game. However it's ranked low because it's somewhat weak, with a 1200 attack strength.

9. Critter (e. Sangan)

Any card that lets you fish through your deck for another one is good. Critter pales in comparison to its sister, Black Forest Witch. Why? It's because unless you're playing a pure defensive deck (and very few do), Critter can't grab any good offensive Monsters. Critter is best used with Cannon Soldier and Exodia parts, and to get some low-powered, useful Monsters like the Saint Magician, Kuribo, and others.

8. Kuribo (e. Kuriboh)

Uninterrupted battle damage prevention is the name of the game when it comes to Kuribo. What I mean by "uninterrupted" means that it can't be stopped. There are currently no effects in Yu-Gi-Oh! that can prevent card effects that are played directly from hand. Unfortunately, Kuribo can only prevent Battle Damage, and only Battle Damage done to YOU, and only during your opponent's Battle Phase. This makes it different than Missionary of Harmony (e. Waboku), because it can't prevent your Monster from being destroyed.

7. Dark Elf

A low-level Monster with an attack strength of 2000. That alone makes it a contender in this lineup. Even though it's attack strength is lowers than the Landmine Spider (e. Jirai Gumo), this Monster's ability is more versatile and usable. It's a lot easier to get back 1000 Life Points than half of your Life Points, at least earlier in the game. A great boost to F/S Beatdown.

6. Saint Magician (e. Magician of Faith)

Do you like using your Magic cards? Everyone does. But what makes the Saint Magician all the more useful is when cards begin to get restricted. You will be able to re-use those valuable cards like Thunder Bolt (e. Raigeki) and Jar of Greed (e. Pot of Greed). Unfortunately, it's like throwing a Monster away for the turn, since it's a weak Monster.

5. Welcome For the Dead (e. Tribute To The Doomed)

Controlled Monster Destruction, whether it's face down or face up. Some will scoff at the card, thinking that discarding a card from your hand is too high a price to pay. If you've read enough strategy, you know that voluntarily discarding a card from your hand is a GOOD thing, in a controlled environment, especially when you have a Raise Dead (e. Monster Reborn) in your hand. It's also good when you want to save a Thunder Bolt for a later time.

4. Tempest (e. Heavy Storm)

One of the best Magic/Trap removal cards in the game (the best being Harpy's Feather Sweep, of course). This shuts down your opponent's whole game with Magic/Trap cards. Worried about if it's a Trap? Don't need to be now. Too many Equipment cards? Plow this baby down. Even if it destroys your M/Ts as well, that's a small price to pay to destroy your opponent's Mirror Force.

3. Magic Jammer

Magic negation. That alone is worth its weight in gold. Lots of combos are based upon Magic cards, such as with Lord of Dragons. A well-timed Magic Jammer can shut down your opponent's whole game.

2. Black Forest Witch (e. Witch of the Black Forest)

This little card speeds up decks like crazy. Not only does it get the minor Monsters into your hand, it is useful for bringing out the big baddy of level 6 Monsters, Demon Summon (e. Summoned Skull). Nearly every deck on the planet likes her, so shouldn't you?

1. Holy Barrier - Mirror Force (e. Mirror Force)

Why is it number one? Mainly because it's a cool card. Monster removal in a big way. When your opponent attacks, nuke his big Monsters that are in attack mode and say "Nyeah!"

Honorable Mention:

Landmine Spider (e. Jirai Gumo)

It's a big guy, the second biggest level 4 guy in the game. The problem is that coin flip. Lose the flip and you're at half of your Life Points.

Mask of Darkness

The brother to the Saint Magician, the Mask of Darkness gets back those Trap cards. But what Trap cards? There aren't many that people use in their deck, besides deck staple cards. It's usually not worth putting this Monster in your deck unless you're making a Trap deck (which is not really useful during the current English environment).

Hellblaze (e. Tremendous Fire)

Big damage all the way! Hellblaze is one of the last pieces of the Direct Damage puzzle for Metal Raiders. Direct Damage Magic + the Metal Raiders Monsters that can directly attack = Cheese. The bad part is that kickback.

Devil Cook (e. The Bistro Butcher)

Devil Cook gives F/s Beatdown another Monster to add to their stable. This time it's another 1800 Demon (e. Fiend). The problem is, your opponent draws 2 cards when it does direct damage to your opponent. This could be a good thing, or a bad thing. In the current environment, it can be a bad thing, unless you're playing discard.

Revolver Dragon (e. Barrel Dragon)

Because it looks cool. Not only that, it's ability has a good chance of going off. It's also a heavy hitter. Using revival cards on it makes it a good Monster to include in your deck. However, it's a Machine, and not a Dragon, so the Lord can't use it. (Damn!)

Declaration of God (e. Solemn Judgement)

The all-purpose negation card. Pesky Magic card? Negated. Pesky Trap? Negated. Pesky Monster? Negated. It takes half of your Life Points, though. Best used late in the game.

Thieving Goblin (e. Robbin' Goblin)

Ack. This will also find its way into discard decks. Imagine the use of White Thief plus this card: two random discards from your opponent's hand. That makes me shudder.

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