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First Kill Deck

Here is the second installment of Edo's Deck Lab. So far, only about two out of the numerous decks sent in have been fallowing the rule listed on the main page. Remember, if you don't follow the rules, I will have to ignore the deck. Remember to READ THE DECK GUIDE that I have written up. Some decks that have been sent to me don't have a lot of thought, don't have the deck staples, and are just a mass of cards that are thrown together.

This first deck for the week is a little unique in that there is a limited card pool to create the deck. Let's see what we can do with it.

I call this deck version 2. First Kill Deck. I'll tell you how I use it after I list it.:

Monsters (20)

Android Psycho Shocker
Mysterious Puppeter
Axe Raider
Armor Lizard
Mimic Illusionist
Karate Man
Millennium Shield
Stone Ogre
Baby Dragon
Goddess of the Truthful Eye
Iron Knight Gear Freed
Warrior of the Sun
Rocket Warrior
Falcon Knight
Command Knight
Demon Summon

Magic (10)

Cross Soul
Change of Heart
Black Hole
Angel's Die
Demon Axe
Jar of Greed
Emissary of Bliteration
Fusion Master
Raise Dead

Trap (9)

Magic Arm Shield
Compensation of Blood
Angel's Mirror
Metal Conversion
Chained Boomerang
Cry of the Living Dead
Demon's Die
Sand Tornado
Pit Trap

Fusion (1)

Millenium Dragon

I use this deck, the main way for that matter, to play Mysterious Puppeter, then use Compinsation of Blood, summon a few high levels, get paid back double with Mysterious Puppeter, then kill whatever monsters he has out. Any comments you give me, remember that I only have the JY, and EX decks. Thank you. (Give me a 1-10 if you have a moment).

First of all, you might want to change the name. If you have a limited pool of cards, you can't call it a real "kill" deck.

Second, it seems just a bit unfocused. Yes, it's just EX-R and the Jounouchi Structure Deck, but with that combination, you can do better.

We'll start with the Monsters. Ditch the Armor Lizard and put in Magic Swordsman Neo from EX-R. It's attack strength is pretty good at 1700. Drop the Stone Ogre and put in the Lamp Spirit Ra Djinn from EX-R. Those two cards give you a little bit of a boost in attack strength. My opinion is to swap out the Karate Man for the Goblin Strike Team. The Strike Team is included in many decks to get around the annoying 2000 defense strength Monsters, such as the Rock Soldier. Remove the Critter and put in a Black Forest Witch instead. Good man to have Shocker; very naughty, but good. Since your deck only has forty cards (the minimum for a deck, not including the Fusion Deck where your Thousand Dragon will go into), we'll add a Minotaur from EX-R.

Next on the road is Magic cards. It is a nice selection, representing a good selection of the Magic cards from the card pool.

Finally are the Trap cards. To tell you the truth, I would remove the Angel's Mirror in favor of adding another card for the deck. Try and add another Black Forest Witch to the deck to help speed things along.

The only other problem is: what is the getting "paid back double?" You have to pay 500 Life Points for the Compensation of Blood, and you get it right back through the Puppeteer. This combo is actually better for a Cannon Soldier deck.

Well, here would be our final forty-one card sample deck then:

    Monsters (22)

  1. REBD
  2. REBMD
  3. BEWD
  4. Android Psycho Shocker
  5. Mysterious Puppeter
  6. Axe Raider
  7. Magic Swordsman Neo
  8. Mimic Illusionist
  9. Goblin Strike Team
  10. Black Forest Witch
  11. Black Forest Witch
  12. Millennium Shield
  13. Lamp Spirit Ra Djinn
  14. Baby Dragon
  15. Goddess of the Truthful Eye
  16. Iron Knight Gear Freed
  17. Warrior of the Sun
  18. Rocket Warrior
  19. Falcon Knight
  20. Command Knight
  21. Demon Summon
  22. Minotaur
  23. Magic (10)

  24. Cross Soul
  25. Change of Heart
  26. Black Hole
  27. Angel's Die
  28. Demon Axe
  29. Jar of Greed
  30. Emissary of Bliteration
  31. Fusion Master
  32. Fusion
  33. Raise Dead
  34. Traps (8)

  35. Magic Arm Shield
  36. Compensation of Blood
  37. Metal Conversion
  38. Chained Boomerang
  39. Cry of the Living Dead
  40. Demon's Die
  41. Sand Tornado
  42. Pit Trap
  43. Fusion (1)

  44. Millenium Dragon

Of course, the deck should be tested thoroughly, and suited to your playing style. But most of all, have fun with your theme decks. See how much flavor that Duel Monsters has!

If you have a deck that you would like to submit to Edo's Deck Lab, mail them on over to me so that I can have a look at it.

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