Yu-Gi-Oh! Card of the Week 08:
Black Forest Witch

Types: Dark/Magic User
Level: 4
Attack Strength: 1100
Defense Strength: 1200
Effect: If this card is put into a Cemetery from the,
Field, search your deck for a Monster with a defense
strength of 1500 or less and put it into your hand.
Shuffle your deck afterward.

Here we are with the eighth card of the week forEdo's Small Yu-Gi-Oh! page. Since, in Geocities' bid to make it even MORE difficult for people to keep using the free homepage, they moved some of the their items around. This made the poll for the previous card of the week inoperative. A new, modified poll is located in the Message Board section.

So, we are going to cover another deck-worthy card, the Black Forest Witch.

This card was never overlooked when it was brought out in Japan. One strategy of Duel Monsters is to beat your opponent into submission with Monsters. Now, I'm not saying to use this card to attack your opponent; rather, it's a bridge to get a BETTER Monster.

The ability of this card makes it one of the best search engines in the game. But why take this card over Critter? It's because many of the better Monsters in the game have low defense strengths. The 1900 Club (Gemini Elf, Blood Vors, and Newt) can all be fetched with this card. Not only that, Demon Summon and Psycho Shocker can be grabbed, because their defense strengths are 1500 or less. Finally, Black Forest Witch is a NECESSARY part of all Exodia decks (along with the aforementioned Critter).

What's dually great about it is that the effect is activated when it hits the Cemetery from the Field, WHATEVER the cause may be. Did you sacrifice it to summon another card, or for anything at all? Have a bonus Monster. Did your opponent destroy in in Battle? Take a Monster. Was a Black Hole used be you or your opponent? Yank a Monster from your deck.

Sadly, that seems to be the Witch's only lot in life, to go for other Monsters. Poor girl.

Edo's Rating: 4 out of 5. It needs to be in just about every deck out there, not including high-defense decks (where you would swap it for a Critter). Speed kills; if you've read my advice before, you already know that. Getting to your Demon Summon or Blood Vors early and quickly is great. She also has an attack strength of 1100, which is slightly respectable. Even if your opponent destroys it, another Monster is just going to come back into play.

(No decks can be "based" around the Black Forest Witch. Try two in your deck, since it is restricted, and see how much your speed factor increases.)

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