Edo's Deck Lab:
The Bishoujo Deck Deck

Ah, the Bishoujo Deck. "Wait!", you say? What the heck does bishoujo mean? Well, it literally means beautiful young girl. And that is what gives the whole theme of the deck away. We're going to feature a deck full of female cards as its theme. Though there will be some cards in it that don't exactly fit into the theme, as long as there are a lot of cards that ARE part of theme, it's okay.

Of course, this deck isn't ENTIRELY serious. This is what is called a "fun deck", or in Japan, a "fan deck," where you make a deck theme based on what's on the cards themselves, rather than the statistics. There aren't a large amount of good female cards in the series. Yes, we could go with a Harpy Ladies combo deck, but that's more suited for JUST a Harpy Ladies combo deck. We want something a little rounded. But we also still want to make it competitive.

We have to find the biggest female hitters on the game, and use cards to support them. What we are going to do then is made a Bishoujo Rush deck, which means lots of hard-hitting Monsters, really fast.

This is the best that I could come up with in thirty minutes, since I was busy for this week. Use it as your basis, then add and subtract cards as you see fit.

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