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My e-mail address has CHANGED. It is now edo_hrzic@hotmail.com .
The older @hawaii.edu NO LONGER WORKS.

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You can now find me under America On-Line Instant Messenger, under the screen name
Edo Hrzic
Careful, though; I live in Hawai'i, so I may be on-line when most of you are asleep. Plus, I am rarely on anymore; perhaps once or twice per month.

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Where has the Pokemon RPG gone? Check here.

My Pokemon Sale/Trade List
Updated as of 00/06/25
See the cards I am currently looking for! If it's not on my list of things I want, I'm not interested in it!

Some of you are wondering why I haven't replied to trades that you have sent to me. Well, did you read ALL of the information listed about trading on my Sale/Trade page? If you didn't receive a reply, then you didn't read all of it.

Go into Edo's Pokemon TCG discussion forum!
The discussion forum is a privilege, not a right. Let's keep it clean, and none of that racist stuff, or flaming, okay?

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NOTE: DO NOT RIP THESE FILES FROM MY PAGE AND PUT THEM ON YOURS! I have come across a site that has simply taken my files from my site, reworked them so that they're in English, and changed the format. They are my EXACT files (even the untranslated attack names and question marks were in the same place!). No direct credit was given to me -- not even a link to my page. There are only a handful sites that have been given express permission to use my spoilers/translations. If you wish to modify my spoilers FOR YOUR OWN, PERSONAL USE, then be my guest -- but DO NOT distribute them in that way!

Gym Expansion Starter Decks

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Gym 2
Miscellaneous Promos
Pokemon Neo
  • ____'s Rakkii [Chansey]
  • Imakuni?'s Doodoo [Doduo]
  • Ancient Myuu [Mew]
  • Pokemon Card GB Kairyuu [Dragonite]
  • Japanese/English Nasshi [Exeggutor]
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    Apparently, some people think I'm doing a good job with this page enough to give me a link (even though I think this page is kinda terrible . . .). Anyway, since they did me a favor by linking to me, I am returning the favor by linking to them. If you place a link to my page, tell me; I'll put a link from my page to yours as well.

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