Due to several people wishing to take over the Pokemon Pencil and Paper RPG, I have decided to take a step and make it Freeware.

What does this mean? It means that you are free to download the rules and sourcebooks here, place them on your personal homepages, or modify them anywhere in between here and there. You are also free to create your own expansions, books, adventures, etc . . .

The only thing that I ask you to do if you re-write or edit the documents for your own use, place something like:

Original Pokemon Pencil and Paper RPG designed by Edward T. Hrzic III.
Other than that, I don't think that I have to go indepth with how to create the point costs for the Pokemon attacks and evolution costs (some of you more astute readers out there have already determined that the cost are based upon the level that the Pokemon evolves or achieves that attack

In closing, here are the files: the original Rulebook, the first Sourcebook, and what has completed of the second rulebook.