Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game Essay 03:
The Lord of Dragons

Here we have the third Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG essay for Edo's Small Yu-Gi-Oh! page. This time, we are going to be looking at the next head-scratching card, The Lord of Dragons (e. Lord of D.). There have been some problems deciphering exactly what is and isn't covered under is effect. He's my shot at explaining what it does.

The Lord of Dragon's effect goes like this:

All Dragon-Type monsters are not affected by Magic Cards, Trap Cards, or other effects while this card is face-up on the field.

The truth is, the effect is different than the Japanese version that just says that Dragons can't be the target of Magic cards, Trap card or other effects. But the English effect written is different than the Japanese one, so we'll have to rule with how it is written. (But how is that different than Sealing Swords of Light? That's an EXTENDED ruling, rather than differences on the cards).

One of the confusing aspects of Lord of Dragons is with mass-effect cards, such as Thunder Bolt (e. Raigeki), Black Hole (e. Dark Hole), Dragon Capture Jar, etc. Do these cards affect Dragons while the good ol' Lord of Dragons is on the Field?

The answer is: no, these cards do not affect Dragons while the Lord of Dragons is on the Field. And here's why.

For example, let's say that I have a Lord of Dragons, a Blue Eyes, and a Tri-Horned Dragon on the Field. Let's say that you play a Thunder Bolt.

Here's how you figure out which cards are destroyed, and which cards aren't. You examine the effect of the card, in this instance Thunder Bolt, which says "Destroys all of your opponent's Monsters on the Field." Now, you look at each of my Monsters and "flag" which ones can be destroyed, and which can't be destroyed. This doesn't mean that they are destroyed right now; that comes a little later.

In the case of Thunder Bolt, you would look at my Lord of Dragons, Blue Eyes and Tri-Horned Dragon. First you look at the Lord. He's flagged to be destroyed. Next, we look at the Blue Eyes. This one would normally be flagged for destruction, but the Lord's effect prevents it from happening. Thus, it's not flagged. Then, we come to the Tri-Horned Dragon. Just like the Blue Eyes, it is not flagged due to the Lord's effect.

Now is the time where we do the destruction. All of the Monsters that were flagged are destroyed, which is just the Lord of Dragons at this time. The Blue Eyes and Tri-Horned Dragon remain. However, they are now vulnerable to being destroyed if you have another Thunder Bolt in your hand.

Obey the same type of pattern with other mass-effect cards. Black Hole works in nearly the exact same way, it's that you just look at your own Monsters as well.

Now this brings up to Equipment Magic cards. The unfortunate fact is that Dragon cards won't gain any bonuses from Equipment cards attached to it while the Lord is in play. You CAN still attach the Equipment cards to the Dragon, however; it's just that they won't get the modifier (whether it is good, or bad).

Finally, we are brought to its effect in conjunction with Sealing Swords of Light (e. Swords of Revealing Light). If the Lord is on the Field, Dragons are NOT affected by Sealing Swords of Light. Why? This is similar to a Japanese ruling concering the card called the Legendary Fisherman. With that card, if the [Sea] card is on the Field, it can't be affected by Magic. A Japanese ruling has stated that the Fisherman CAN attack if your opponent has a Sealing Swords of Light out, as long as the [Sea] card is on the Field.

This is nearly identical to the current English Lord of Dragon's ability. Thus, we have to extrapolate the ruling that Sealing Swords of Light DOESN'T prevent the Dragons from attacking IF the Lord of on the Field.

A way to think about it is to see if the card has a direct impact on the Dragon. If it does, and the Lord is on the Field, the card has no effect. For example, Emissary of Harmony (e. Waboku) can't reduce the damage from a Dragon's attack while the Lord is on the Field. However, Jar of Greed (e. Pot of Greed) works just fine, since it doesn't affect the Dragons.

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