Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters

Episode 33: The Battle of Friendship! Yugi vs. Jounouchi (Part One)

It is not time to begin the finals between Yugi and Jounouchi, as they are the only two duelists left. Anzu can't understand why they would fight. Yugi is apprehensive about battling his best friend, but with Jounouchi's insistence, he makes the resolve to test both of their skills.

Yugi starts off, with Jounouchi taking a slight lead. Jounouchi and Bakura realize that Yugi isn't taking the match very seriously. Yugi then starts making his comeback with Dark Knight Gaia and his Demon Summon. Jounouchi was waiting for him to play that card, and a quick card play of Shield in the Right Hand, Sword in the Left Hand, destroys his Demon Summon. Yugi comes back with Dragon Knight Gaia.

Jounouchi's in a tight spot, but with a brilliant card play of Red Eyes Black Dragon, Grave Digger to grab the Demon Summon from Yugi's Cemetery and the Mimic Illusionist to copy Yugi's Fusion card, he fuses his Red Eyes and the Demon Summon into Black Demon's Dragon!

Yugi can't believe the incredible play that Jounouchi just pulled off, but makes the decision to keep fighting until the end.
Cards introduced in this episode: None
Episode 34: The Battle of Friendship! Yugi vs. Jounouchi (Part Two) Descends

Yugi's plays his Black Magician with the Magical Silk Hats to protect it. Jounouchi smashes through two Silk Hats, but the third attacks hits a Hat that Yugi put the Hexagram Curse into. Still, Yugi can't believe how strong Jounouchi had becoem in such a short time.

Yugi powers up his Black Magician and destroys the Black Demon's Dragon. Jounouchi plays the Baby Dragon. Yugi forsees a bad omen, and tries to destroy it, but Jounouchi uses his Chained Boomerang card to immobilize the Black Magician.

Jounouchi is now free to use the Time Magician. It turns the Baby Dragon into the Thousand Dragon, and ages the Black Magiain.

Jounouchi attacks, but before he can claim victory, his attack is cancelled with the Demon Rain card. The Baby Dragon isn't the only card that can be aged with the Time Magician -- the Black Magician turns into the Black-Robed Sage. During each turn, Yugi is allowed to grab a Magic card from his deck.

During Yugi's next turn, he forgoes drawing a Magic card from his deck via the Sage, and plays the card he drew: Raise Dead on the Black Demon's Dragon. Yugi attacks, destroys the Thousand Dragon, and wins.

After the duel, Jounouchi offers to hand over his entrance card to Yugi, but he tells Jounouchi to keep it, and use the money for Shizuka's operation.
Cards introduced in this episode: Black-Robed Sage
NOTE: These two episode do NOT "happen" in the manga. Jounouchi simply hands the entrance card over to Yugi, who goes on to fight Pegasus.
Episode 35: The Final Duel. Yugi vs. Pegasus

Yugi and Pegasus are about to face off. Before then, Yugi has Pegasus to take a vow to free the souls that he has taken: Sugoroku, Seto and Mokuba.

Pegasus brings up something interesting: the blank card that Yugi used as his entrance card is for when he loses: Yugi will become trapped in that very card. But if Yugi should win, he will gain control of Pegasus' sixty-percent share in the Industrial Illusion company. Honda decides to go and help Mokuba and Seto, just in case Yugi loses.

Yugi starts out in normal fashion, but as the turns wear on, something becomes quite apparent: Pegasus is reading Yugi's mind with the Millennium Eye. The odds just became far more insurmountable. Meanwhile, Honda finds his way into the prison area to rescue Mokuba. Unfortunately, he springs an alarm, sending the guards after him.
Cards introduced in this episode: Bow-Drawing Mermaid, Mermaid's Tears, Dragon Egger
Episode 36: Attacks Are Ineffective!? The Invincible Army of Toons

Yugi tries to spring a trap with the Demon Summon and Hexagram Curse. Pegasus already knows it, and instead pretends to fall for it. At the last moment, he activates the Trap Transfer card, sending the Curse on Yugi's Demon, where Pegasus' Monster destroys it.

In the dungeon, Honda is cornered, but Bakura makes his appearance. Using the power of darkness, he "activates" a card to immobilize the guards, and they make their getaway.

Pegasus plays his trump card, Toon World, turning his Monsters into Toons. Pegasus proceeds to run through Yugi's Monsters. Yugi can't even counterattack.

Yugi goes on the defensive, but Pegasus uses the Gorgon's Stare Trap card, making Yugi lose Life Points equal to half the defense strength of a defense-mode Monster that Pegasus destroys of Yugi's. He then uses the Copycat Magic card, turning it into the Demon Summon, and because of the Toon World, it becomes a Toon Demon.

The odds just got even more difficult.
Cards introduced in this episode: Trap Transfer, Gorgon's Stare, Copycat

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