Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters

Episode 29: Certain Defeat! The Seductive Shadow

The next morning, Yugi and the other duelists meet up. The first duel is between Mai and Yugi, and even though Yugi starts out strong, Mai's Silver Mirror Wall card reduces all of Yugi's monster's attack strengths by half when they attack. He finally realizes that it's a permanent Trap card.

She tells him that he is too preoccupied with the battle with Pegasus, and concentrate on the current game. Yugi isn't listening.

Yugi can only defend, since attacking would only lead to a reduction in his attack strength.

One of Mai's trump cards comes up, the Harpy's Pet Dragon. Its attack strength is increased by 300 for each HArpy Lady on the Field. Mai once again poses the question of what he is missing.

Yugi plays his Black Magician and Trap card, but Mai makes short work of it with the Seductive Shadow card, which puts all of his Monsters into attack mode, and the Harpy's Feather Sweep, which destroys his Trap card. The Dragon makes short work of the Black Magician.
Cards introduced in this episode: Silver Mirror Wall, Harpy's Feather Sweep, Seductive Shadow, Harpy's Feather Sweep
Episode 30: The Ultimate Soldier of Legend, The Chaos Soldier Descends

Mai contemplates he meetings with Yugi and company, especially Jounouchi. One must have courage to know that he or she could very well lose. One must not let pride stand in the way.

Yugi gets the drift and is ready to fight at full strength. He uses the Brain Control card to grab control of Mai's Harpy's Pet Dragon, and plays a Catapult Turtle. He launches the Dragon, destroying the Mirror Wall and it in the process.

Mai is ready to attack, but she's worried about Yugi's placed card. She instead plays Ten-Thousand Reflections, splitting her Harpy Lady.

Yugi gets a fresh hand with the Monster Recall card, and plays his Holy Elf, which is not affected by the Seductive Shadow. However, Mai plays Raise Dead to bring back the Dragon, and uses the Harpy Lady Triplets to destroy Yugi's Elf.

Sealing Swords of Light keeps Mai at bay for three turns. And during that time, he draws the cards that he needs to summon the ultimate soldier of legend, the Chaos Soldier. He summons it, and destroys Mai's Dragon. Mai concedes the remainder of the game.
Cards introduced in this episode: Ritual of Chaos, Chaos Soldier
Episode 31: Cruel Heavy Metal Deck

The next round is about to begin, when Jounouchi can't find his entrance card. Unknown to him, Keith stole it during the previous night. He has five minutes to find it. He can't find it during that time, when Mai comes to the rescue. She gives him her entrance card.

Jounouchi makes his way back to the duel ring with the card in hand. The duel between Keith and Jounouchi begins.

Keith starts, then Jounouchi. Keith is playing a Machine deck. Jounouchi attacks with some magical Monsters, but those magic attack don't affect Machine. Keith's constant assault of Machine monsters puts Jounouchi in a bind.

Keith tricks Jounouchi into attacking, but Keith activates the Metal Force trap card, turning his monster into Metal Devilzoa, reflecting the attack back at Jounouchi.

Keith uses the Seal Defense card to turn Jounouchi's Axe Raider into attack mode, and as he attacks with the Metal Devilzoa, Jounouchi activates the Spiked Pit Trap card, destroying Keith's Monster.

Jounouchi begins to make his comeback, tricking Keith with a number of Monsters and other cards.
Cards introduced in this episode: Torture Machine, TM-1 Launcher Spider, Devilzoa, Metal Devilzoa, Metal Force
Quote from this episode: "Keith, this is a Trap card, so be careful."
Episode 32: Crossing Time! Red Eyes Black Metal Dragon

Pegasus looks into Jounouchi's and Keith's minds to see what they are fighting for: Jounouchi for his sister; Keith for vengeance.

Keith brings out his Revolver Dragon. Its three barrels destroy all of Jounouchi's Monsters. Jounouchi then plays his Time Magician and Baby Dragon combo, turning Keith's Monster to scrap, and turning the Baby Dragon into the Thousand Dragon. Jounouchi attacks and destroys the Revolver Dragon, but Keith activates the Time Machine trap card, bringing it back into play before it was turned to scrap. It destroys the Thousand Dragon. He also plays the Slot Machine AM-7.

Keith's attacks keep destroying Jounouchi's Monsters. Jounouchi plays his Red Eyes and ends his turn. When Keith attacks, he activates his Mimicing Illusionist to copy the Metal Force, changing his Red Eyes into Red Eyes Black Metal Dragon, destroying the Revolver Dragon in the process.

Jounouchi attacks, but Keith uses a placed card to increase the defense strength of his Slot Machine. He then plays another to increase its attack strength. Keith then uses a Sphere Bomb to attach to Red Eyes, which will destroy it during Jounouchi's next turn.

Jounouchi quickly plays his Dark Dragon Claws, preventing the destruction of Red Eyes. Keith plays another card to increase his Slot Machine's power, but then uses the Bandit card to take Jounouchi's Shield in the Right Hand, Swords in the Left Hand card, to swap the attack and defense of the Slot Machine and Red Eyes. He attacks and destroys Red Eyes, but Jounouchi activates his Grave Digger card, which grabs Keith's Time Machine card. The Red Eyes returns to play without its statistics changes, and destroys the Slot Machine, and wins him the game.

Keith demands that the duel be invalidated, since the entrance card wasn't his. Fortunately, Pegasus knows all about how Keith took Jounouchi's entrance card. Plus, Keith cheated by using cards from his wristband.

Keith is to be removed from the island, but he bursts back in, and puts a gun to Pegasus' head for the money. Pegasus sends him into the ocean of the island with a press of a button.

With these two duels concluded, it will be now Yugi versus Jounouchi.
Cards introduced in this episode: Revolver Dragon, Slot Machine AM-7, 7 Card, Red Eyes Black Metal Dragon, Grave Digger, Sphere Bomb, Bandit

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