Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters

Episode 25: The Duel of Tears! Friendship

Yugi is shocked to the core, and is unresponsive to his friends. They are ready to give up on him when Mai appears to return the Star Chips to yugi. She's ready to duel him, but he stares blankly. She's willing to take the Star Chips from him, but Anzu is the one that challenges Mai with those Star Chips.

Their duel begins, with Anzu being kicked around by Mai very easily. Mai goes into her "friendship can't help you in a duel" speech, but Anzu is defiant to those words. She plays the Friendship card, and is willing to protect it with everything that she has.

With some quick thinking on Anzu's part, she powers up her Friendship to massive porportions, and de-powers the Harpy Lady. Anzu attacks, and Mai is about to activate a card, when she stops. Anzu wins the duel.

Anzu receives the Star Chips from Mai, where Yugi can finally make it into the castle.
Cards introduced in this episode: Hatchling Angel, Friendship, Emissaries of Harmony, Elven Light, Silver Bow
Episode 26: Rescue Mokuba! Kaiba vs. Pegasus

Yugi and company make their way into the castle. Jounouchi is ready to take on Keith, but he tells them that a duel between Kaiba and Pegasus will be starting soon.

Kaiba is ready to duel Pegasus with his Duel Disk. Pegasus is also willing, but if they are going to play Kaiba's way, Pegasus will use Mokuba during the duel to play card. Kaiba doesn't wish to fight Mokuba, so concedes to playing a normal game with Pegasus. Yugi gives Kaiba a word of advice about Pegasus' Dragon-Sealing Jar.

Pegasus begins to play, and appears incredible weak from the start. Kaiba knows that he isn't playing the game with everything he's got. Kaiba then is about to play his Blue Eyes when Pegasus activates his Prediction card. With a guess of higher or lower than an attack strength of 2000, Pegasus can gain a card. He guesses big, and takes Kaiba's Blue Eyes White Dragon.

Kaiba goes on the defensive. He's also ready to play the Virus combo that he used on Yugi, but Pegasus already knows. He plays the Dark Energy card, doubling the attack strength of all Dark Main-Type Monsters in play. The Virus is then destroyed because it no longer has a legal target.

It's with the continuing knowledge of his moves does Kaiba begin to worry...
Cards introduced in this episode: Toon Alligator, Parrot Dragon, Hypnosis, Prediction, Dark Rabbit, Darkness Energy
Episode 27: The Fall of Kaiba! The Invincible Toon World

Pegasus goes into a tirade about comics and cartoons when he plays the Toon World card, turning all of his Monsters into Toon Monsters. The Rabbit attacks from the Toon World in a frenzied, cartoon assault.

Pegasus then plays the Blue Eyes he took from Kaiba, turning it into Blue Eyes Toon Dragon. Kaiba then takes his hand and discards it, since Pegasus somehow knows he's reading the cards in his hand. He begins to play from the top of his deck, coming up with Blue Eyes white Dragon. And he attacks.

Unfortunately, Toon Monsters cannot be destroyed by non-Toon Monsters -- which is evident when the Toon Dragon evades the real Blue Eyes' attack.

Pegasus powers up his own Blue Eyes, and attacks, but Kaiba activates the Attack Nullification card. Kaiba draws and plays the Curse of Darkness card, then only one that can defeat a Toon card. It immobilizes the Toon Dragon, allowing the real Blue Eyes to nuke it.

Pegasus then plays the Dragon-Sealing Jar, trapping Kaiba's Blue Eyes within it. Then he plays the Jar Demon. Kaiba realizes that he's going to gain control of the Blue Eyes in the Jar, and uses his Monster to attack the Demon. Pegasus then activates his placed card, the Copycat. He copies the Virus card, annihilating Kaiba's deck.

kaiba can do nothing else except play his last card, since he has no cards left in his deck. Pegasus attacks and wins, whereupon he traps Kaiba's soul in a card, like Mokuba.

Kaiba vows to defeat Pegasus at any cost.
Cards introduced in this episode: Toon World, Blue Eyes Toon Dragon, Curse of Darkness, Copycat, Devil Box, Shine Palace
Episode 28: The Night Before the Tournament! Pegasus' Secret

The duelists are in the dining room, eating dinner. Yugi hands over one of his entrance cards to Jounouchi, since one is needed to play in the finals. The duelists that will particpate in the tournament have an special present in their soup that tells them who they will be fighting in the finals. It turns out to be Yugi versus Mai, and Jounouchi versus Keith.

Later than night, Keith makes his move and steals Jounouchi's entrance card, since he doesn't have one.

Honda, Bakura and Anzu begin their own quest to figure out the secret behind Pegasus' ability to see what another person has in his or her hand. Yugi has a dream about his grandfather, who believes that Yugi will defeat Pegasus.

Honda and the crew gain entrance into a tower room, but are discovered by Pegasus. Pegasus uses his Millennium Eye to show them a different world, where they witness Pegasus playing a Game of Darkness. The onlookers spot Anzu, Honda and Bakura, but Bakura's personality switches over, and the powers of their Millennium Items conflict. The crew wakes up in their beds.
Cards introduced in this episode: None

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