Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters

Episode 21: The Demon Dragon, Black Demon's Dragon

Just as the attack is about to hit Jounouchi's Flame Swordsman, Yugi activates his Mirror Force, bouncing the attack back. The Gate Guardian activates its own ability, negating the reflected attack. However, it didn't negate the part of the attack that was reflected back at the Monster Tamer.

Jounouchi attacks with his Flame Swordsman, but it doesn't reach the Gate Guardian. The Gate Guardian then attacks with a wave of water, destroying the Flame Swordsman.

Yugi plays his Demon Summon card, and to the complete surprise of Mei and Kyuu, its lightning attack channels through the water and destroys the Water Guardian portion of the Gate Guardian. The Water Guardian had already attacked, so it couldn't negate the attack. And Yugi had activate the Hexagram Curse on the Wind Guardian to prevent its attack negation ability.

Yugi and Jounouchi take this time to play their trump card. Jounouchi plays his Red Eyes, whereupon Yugi activates his placed Fusion card to fuse Demon Summon and Red Eyes into Black Demon's Dragon. Unfortunately, the Labyrinth Brothers tell them that flying units can't make it through the labyrinth -- they must walk.

Kyuu plays the Force Magic card, draining both Yugi and Jounouchi of half of their Life Points, and boosting the Gate Guardian's attack strength.

Yugi moves his Black Magician forward, right to the end of the labyrinth, and plays Raise Dead. The Gate Guardian attacks the Black Magician, but Yugi uses the attack negation ability of the revived Water Guardian to block the attack.

Jounouchi draws the Mimicing Illusionist, and uses it to copy the Force card, dropping the Labyrinth Brothers' Life Points, and boosting the Black Demon's Dragon's attack strength.

The Gate Guardian destroys the revived Water Guardian. Both Yugi tells them why he got the Black Magician to the end of the labyrinth. With the Monster Replace card, he switches the places of his Black Magician and the Black Demon's Dragon. And since the Gate Guardian has already attacked, it can't negate any attacks. The Gate Guardian is destroyed, and Yugi and Jounouchi win.

In the dungeon of Pegasus' castle, Kaiba finds Mokuba and is just about to free him when Pegasus shows up.

Back with the Labyrinth Brothers, Yugi has tricked them into revealing the correct door to lead them out. (The trick is omitted so that you can see it for yourself.)

Pegasus seals Mokuba's soul in a card. And for Kaiba to get the chance to duel Pegasus to free Mokuba, he will have to fight Yugi...
Cards introduced in this episode: Black Demon's Dragon, Mimicing Illusionist, Monster Replace (aka Shift Change).
Quote from this episode: "I forgot to tell you. Once of my hands doesn't tell the truth."
Episode 22: The Fated Duel! Yugi vs. Kaiba

In order for Kaiba to get a shot at Pegasus, he must defeat Yugi first. Pegasus gives him five Star Chips to duel Yugi.

Yugi and company make it out of the dungeon. Anzu has some recollections of the "dream" when they were fighting Bakura, and some flashbacks of Yugi when she was working at a part time job, and another time when the Dark Yugi saves her from a lecherous gym teacher.

They make their way up the steps, only to see Kaiba standing in their way. kaiba demands a duel, but the crew reminds Yugi that he doesn't need to duel. Yugi, however, accepts out of a matter of honor.

Keith makes his way around the castle, and sees the duel between Yugi and Kaiba starting. Both Yugi and Kaiba will be using the Duel Disk in the battle. Kaiba is sure that his Duel Disk system will be able to defeat Pegasus, but he doesn't realize Pegasus' true power.

Yugi defeats Kaiba's first Monster, but it was just a ruse to be able to play a stronger Monster, the Vengeful Sword Stalker. Yugi then plays the Monster Replace card to swap his Monster with a Black Magician and destroy Kaiba's.

The next Monster Kaiba plays, Ra Djinn, lures the Black Magician to attack. But Kaiba activates the Magic Lamp Trap card, redirecting the attack at Yugi's Curse of Dragon.

But Kaiba's true trap is far more severe. He is beginning to get the pieces to fusing all three of his Blue Eyes White Dragons.
Cards introduced in this episode: Gargoyle Powered, Vengeful Sword Stalker, Lamp Spirit - Ra Djinn, Magic Lamp
Episode 23: Unrivaled! Magnificent! Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon

Kaiba does a combination with his Ra Djinn and Magic Removal card to destroy the Sealing Swords of Light in Yugi's hand. Yugi uses his Eye of Truth Magic card to see Kaiba's hand. He and everyone else is shocked to see that Kaiba has a Blue Eyes and hasn't played it yet. Yugi gets the drift and realizes that he's trying to fuse his three Blue Eyes.

Yugi plays the Magic Box of Death card, to destroy the Magic Lamp. Kaiba then puts out Sagi.

Yugi switches to Dark Knight Gaia and attacks, but the attacks results in Kaiba activating the Deck Destruction Virus of Death. This destroys all of Yugi's Monsters with an attack strength of 1500 or more on the Field, in his hand, and in his deck.

Yugi goes on the defensive, with Kaiba's attacks coming fast and furious. Yugi then is able to combine a Monster with the Unicorn's Horn card to get enough attack strength to destroy Kaiba's Monster.

Kaiba then takes that time to pull out a Blue Eyes and annihilate Yugi's Monster. On his next turn, he draws the Fusion card and proceeded to fuse all three of his Blue Eyes into the Ultimate Dragon.

Yugi remembers that he can't give up. And everything rests upon the card he is about to draw...
Cards introduced in this episode: Eye of Truth, Holy Elf's Healing
Episode 24: Kuribo Multiples! The Surprise Comeback

Yugi draws and plays a Kuribo in attack mode. Though Kaiba puts it down (and gets the Kuribo mad in the process), Yugi says that it will take down the Ultimate Dragon. He then uses the Multiply card to create many duplicates of the Kuribo.

Though Kaiba attacks, the Kuribo wall keeps multiplying. Unless Kaiba can destroy all of them with one attack, they will continue to multiply.

Then Yugi's next trump card comes out. He uses the Magic Effect Arrow, combined with Fusion and the Mammoth Skeleton, to fuse the Skeleton to the Ultimate Dragon. Since they are opposing types (in the animated series), the Ultimate Dragon's attack strength drops 1200 during each turn.

Kaiba keeps attacking the Kuribos, but nothing happens other than the Dragon's attack strength continues to drop.

Yugi draws the Elven Swordsman and attacks, but only destroys one head. He would have to destroy all three to defeat the Ultimate Dragon.

Kaiba then begins to move backward toward the edge of the castle. When Kaiba loses all of his Life Points, he will fall off the edge. Kaiba draws and plays Raise Dead one of the defeated heads. This would be the last turn.

Yugi attacks with the Elven Swordsman, but Anzu and the normal Yugi stop him. Kaiba then attacks, winning the duel.

Kaiba gloats, but Anzu tells him that all he has done it lost to himself for restorting to such tactics and be willing to throw his life away for a game.
Cards introduced in this episode: Multiply, Magic Effect Arrow

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