Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters

Episode 17: Fear! Cry of the Living Dead

Jounouchi has a nightmare about his confrontation with Kaiba. He wakes up, and everyone else in the process, so that they can all get going.

As they walk along and talk, unbeknownst to them, they are being watched by three individuals. The three people then make their way back to an area where none other than Bandit Keith is waiting for them. His goal is to make it into the Castle and pay Pegasus back for making a fool out of him. Their plan will be to grab Jounouchi and force him to duel. Bandit Keith shows ghost Kotsuzuka around to where the Cemetery Field is, in addition to adding some of his own cards to Kotsuzuka's deck to make it a perfect Ghost deck.

As Yugi and company walk around, Jounouchi needs to take a short time-out. While the rest wait, Jounouchi "does his business," but is promptly knocked out by one of the men from earlier.

He awakens in a Duel Ring, just as the duel is about to start. Jounouchi would normally turn down such underhanded tactics in forcing him to duel, but accepts after they start to call him a "losing dog." However, if he loses, it'll mean he's disqualified from the tournament for losing all four of his start chips.

Meanwhile, Yugi and company are searching for Jounouchi, but to no avail.

The duel starts, and as Kotsuzuka is making moves, Keith tells him to play something other than a Ghost card. Jounouchi voices his "displeasure" at his opponent being helped.

Kotsuzuka brings out more monsters (at Keith's advice), but Jounouchi's monsters rip right through them one after another.

Then Kotsuzuka's trump card comes out, "Cry of the Living Dead." This revives all of the monsters that Jounouchi destroyed as zombies.

Yugi and company find the entrance to the cave that Jounouchi is in, where they run into props.

Back at the duel, Jounouchi is in deep. His monsters counterattack, but it's no use as the zombies simply regenerate.

Jounouchi's in trouble, and he knows it.
Cards introduced in this episode: Dark Armor Zanki, Earth-Eating Dragon, Murder Circus, Cry of the Living Dead
Quote from this episode: "I fainted because your face made me sick!"
Episode 18: Shield in the Right Hand, Sword in the Left Hand The Darkness

Not only does the Cry of the Living Dead raise Kotsuzuka's monsters, it allows them to gain the Field Power Bonus. AND when they're destroyed and brought back, their attack strength is increased by ten percent.

In the other area of the cave, Yugi and company have lost Bakura, but find him again. Unfortunately, Bakura sets off a trap where a boulder comes rolling for them. (The rest of this scene is ommitted in this summary; it's so funny that you have to see it for yourself.)

Jounouchi tries to use the Time Magician's Time Magic, but fails, and his Life Points are reduced. Kotsuzuka plays the Pumpking, which begins to power up his Ghost cards. He begins to annihilate Jounouchi's cards one after another; Jounouchi has no choice but to put his monsters in defense mode.

Yugi and company finally find Jounouchi. There is a short scuffle with Keith's henchmen. Honda reminds Jounouchi to keep fighting for his sister.

Jounouchi keeps fighting, playing his Red Eyes Black Dragon, but it's still no use as it's destroyed by Kotsuzuka's Dragon Zombie.

It's then where Yugi tells Jounouchi that he has a card that can change the tide. Jounouchi draws it, "Shield in the Right Hand, Sword in the Left Hand". Playing it reverses the attack and defense strengths of all monsters. This turns the zombies' attack strength to 0. Jounouchi's monster destroys the Dragon Zombie, and he wins the duel.

As Yugi and company try to make their way out of the cave, Keith's men seal the cave off with a boulder. He then beats up his men to get their Star Chips...enough to get into Pegasus' castle.
Cards introduced in this episode: Shield in the Left Hand, Sword in the Right Hand, Melee Warrior Ultimater, Beast Warrior Garzas
Episode 19: The Tag-Team Duel in the Labyrinth Swords of Light
Inside the cave, the boulder isn't budging. The group is forced to find another way out. With some help from Bakura's Millennium Ring, they make their way through something that looks like a maze, to a big room. There, they encounter Mei and Kyuu, the Labyrinth Brothers.

In order for them to get out of the cave, they will need to defeat the Brothers in a tag-team duel. Yugi and Jounouchi versus Mei and Kyuu. In this duel, if either member of a team is reduced to zero Life Points, the game is over. After winning, they will have to choose a door to exit the labyrinth. If Yugi and Jounouchi win this duel, they can both get into Pegasus' castle.

Outside on the island, Kaiba is making his way to the castle.

The "board" that the teams are playing on has different rules. Monsters move like chess pieces, one space per their level.

The problem is that one of them is telling the truth, and one is telling lies. Jounouchi things that he has it figured out, but Yugi is skeptical, and tells him to worry about it later.

Yugi is the first to send a monster into the labyrinth, but it is cut down by the Wall Shadow -- which can move along the wall (which are not spaces), so it can move as far as it wants.

Jounouchi places a card, and leaves his monster near him so that it can't be attacked. Kyuu send a Labyrinth Tank into the labyrinth, and sets up a trap. Yugi sends another monster into the labyrinth, but just as it's about to be destroyed, Jounouchi wraps it up in the Chained Boomerang, and Yugi destroys it.

Pegasus' waits for Kaiba to make his way to the castle, while Mokuba thinks about his brother.
Cards introduced in this episode: Labyrinth Wall, Shadow Ghoul, Wall Shadow, Chained Boomerang, Labyrinth Tank
Episode 20: The Three Guardians Combine! The Gate Guardian

Kaiba meets Sawaratari in the forest outside of the castle, and with some fancy footwork, forces him to take him into the castle.

Jounouchi sends out his Flame Swordsman, and Yugi his Black Magician, but the brothers play the Labyrinth Change card, changing the walls of the labyrinth, and splitting up Jounouchi's and Yugi's monsters. Jounouchi moves around, but Kyuu activates the Landmine Spider card, turning it into a monster and destorying the Axe Raider.

Jounouchi's Flame Swordsman is about to be destroyed, when Yugi plays the Magic Box of Death, destroying the Landmine Spider, and then destroying the Labyrinth Tank with the Black Magician.

The brothers are waiting for the three Guardians, in order to complete the Gate Guardian. Kyuu plays his Dungeon Worm, and sends it out, where it destroys the Elven Swordsman. Yugi plays the Magical Silk Hat card, hiding the Black Magician and the Flame Swordsman.

The brothers play the Monster Tamer, which allows the Dungeon Worm to increase its power. The Dungeon Worm misses, though. Jounouchi pops his Swordsman out of the hat, and plays the Salamander card, to increase its attack strength and destroy the Dungeon Worm.

However, the brothers gets the final Guardian and create the Gate Guardian.

In the caste basements, Kaiba and Sawaratari walk around toward the dungeon. However, Sawaratari trips an alarm to bring the guards.

And the Gate Guardian fires on Jounouchi's Flame Swordsman...
Cards introduced in this episode: Labyrinth Change, Magic Box of Death, Dungeon Worm, Awakening, Monster Tamer, Water Guardian Suga, Electric Guardian Sanga, Air Guardian Hyuga, Gate Guardian, Landmine Spider

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