Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters

Episode 13: The Metamol Pot's Trap! The Flame Swordsman's Crisis

Yugi wakes up just in time to see Bakura trying to take the Millennium Puzzle. Bakura then explains that he isn't actually Bakura, but just a duelist of darkness. He is trying to get all of the Millennium Items. A duel ensues, with Yugi's prize of all of his friends' souls back; Bakuras is the Millennium Puzzle.

Yugi starts out with a Commander, whereupon Honda appears on the field in the Commander's costume. Yugi quickly realizes that their souls were stuck in their favorite cards.

Bakura's White Thief card quickly takes out the Commander. Honda appears in the Cemetery.

Jounouchi's Flame Swordsman comes out next, and after a parley between he and Yugi, he quickly takes down the White Thief.

Bakura places a monster, and before Yugi can stop him, Jounouchi attacks. The monster turns out to be the Metamol Pot, making each player discard his or her hand and drawing five new cards.

Yugi plays the Black Magician card, and then uses Raise Dead to revive Honda.

The "Black Magician" Yugi attacks, only to find another Metamol Pot waiting. Everyone discards their hands again. Yugi draws the Saint Magician, which is Anzu's card.

Bakura places another Monster, then activates "Reap What You Sow", doing damage to Yugi for each monster he has on the field. Yugi then has to play the Saint Magician, to avoid it becoming lost to another Metamol Pot. BM Yugi attacks, but the Electric Lizard that he attacks forces him to skip attacking on the next turn.

Bakura tells him that he is summoning a Man-Eating Bug, which will destroy 1 monster on the Field when it's turned face-up. After some arguing, Jounouchi decides to take be sacrificed through Yugi's "Ascending Horn" Trap card that will negate a summon.

Just as Jounouchi is about to be assaulted by the Grim Repear in the Cemetery, Yugi gets the Raise Dead card back through Anzu, and revives Jounouchi.

Bakura attempts to play the "Change of Heart" card and gain control of BM Yugi, but the real Bakura takes over and possesses his own High Priestess. Using the power of the Millennium Puzzle, Yugi switches the real Bakura with the dark Bakura, and the BM Yugi attack, sending the dark Bakura into the Cemetery, and into the hands of the Grim Reaper.

At the end of the game, Bakura explains where he got the Millennium Ring. At that time, everyone wakes up, and things it was all just a dream. They hear a scream, and rush to find out who it is.
Cards introduced in this episode: Commander, Metamol Pot, Saint Magician, Reap What You Sow, Electric Lizard, White Thief.
Quote from this episode: "Why's everyone dressed up? WHAT?! Me too?!"
Episode 14: Duel In The Dead of Night! The Castle That Spreads The Darkness

As they rush to find out, they see it is Mai who has lost all of her Star Chips to an individual called the "Player Killer", which means she is disqualified. Yugi resolves to beat him down, and get Mai's Star Chips back.

As Yugi starts, the Player Killer bets all of the Chips that he took from Mai, and since Yugi doesn't have enough to cover them all, the Player Killer activates a pair of ankle shackles that holds Yugi in play. If he loses, he will lose his life.

When the Player Killer starts, he plays the Castle That Spreads The Darkness, turning the field to darkness. It prevents Yugi from seeing the PK's cards and Life Points.

Yugi probes the PK's defenses, but he can't do much of anything, and his monsters get destroyed.

But there is one thing that Yugi learns that he can attack with -- his voice. Yugi begins to slowly wear down the PK's attitude and self-confidence by calling him a "coward".

The second thing that he learns is that darkness has one fear -- and that's light. He tells the PK that the game's going to end in five turn, and shows him his trump card, Sealing Swords of Light." Yugi plays a Curse of Dragon and places a card.

The PK plays the Card-Hunting Grim Reaper to get rid of Yugi's placed card, which he thinks is the Swords.

He thought it was. It turned out to be a Hexagram Curse, freezing the Reaper in its place.

Yugi then places the Swords and another card. But what is the other card?
Cards introduced in this episode: The Castle That Spreads The Darkness, Card-Hunting Grim Reaper
Quote from this episode: "I will show you the true darkness that you have no idea about!"
Episode 15: Slashing Through the Darkness! The Sealing Swords of Light

The PK plays the King of the Demon Realm, and attacks Yugi's Cruse of Dragon, but hits the Reaper instead, reducing the PK's Life Points.

Yugi finally uses the Swords, showing the PK's monsters and Life Points. PK draws and plays the Chaos Shield card, blanketing all of his monsters in a force field.

Yugi breaks it to the PK that he has played his own doom. he play Dark Knight Gaia and uses the placed Fusion card, turning it into Dragon Knight Gaia. During the next turn, he plays the Catapult Turtle, loads Gaia onto it, and launches it at the Castle.

The levitation ring on the Castle is destroyed, yet it is still floating. The PK foolishly puts his monsters in attack mode while waiting for his next turn.

Once again, Yugi breaks the bad news to the PK. The SWORDS are the things that are keeping the Castle up, and since it's the end of the PK's turn, the Swords disappear, and the Castle drops. Unfortuantely, his monsters can't get away because of the Chaos Shield, and they are all destroyed, reducing his Life Points to zero.

After a Mind Crush, Yugi retrieve's Mai's Star Chips. Even though he offers to give them back, Mai doesn't feel that she can accept them. But with a little prodding from Jounouchi, she takes them and vows to repay the favor back to Yugi very soon.
Cards introduced in this episode: King of the Demon Realm, Dark Chimera, Barroks, Chaos Shield, Catapult Turtle, Metal Guardian
Quote from this episode: "You have no next turn!"
Episode 16: Clash! Blue Eyes Vs. Red Eyes

It is the dead of night when a helicopter wakes Yugi and company. It's Kaiba, who is ready to confront Pegasus. Jounouchi doesn't want him to stand in the way of them defeating Pegasus, so he demands a duel with Kaiba.

Kaiba just happens to have his Duel Disks with him, in which they can play without the Duel Ring.

When all is said and done, Jounouchi loses somewhat miserably, even with his Red Eyes Black Dragon. Kaiba is impressed, but only for a brief moment, and before bringing out Blue Eyes to annihilate Red Eyes.

Kaiba then states that Yugi won't be able to defeat Pegasus. Kaiba then tells the story of when he first met Pegasus at a the King of Duelists tournament in New York city. Pegasus was to fight a man named Keith Howard, who was nicknamed Bandit Keith. Instead, Pegasus writes some information down on a paper, and has a young boy duel in his stead.

By following the paper, the boy wins handidly, and Keith has a nervous breakdown, after finding that his attack and card pattern were written down on the paper.

Kaiba then makes his way to Pegasus' castle.

Cards introduced in this episode: Minotaur, Centaur, Minocentaur
Quote from this episode: "You losing dog!"

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