Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters

Episode 9: Rise From the Grave! Magical Silk Hat

The henchman of Pegasus reveals that it is not Kaiba that is standing there, but Kaiba's ghost, who died because of his grudge against Yugi. Yugi refuses to believe it, but decides to duel anyway.

Kaiba starts out with the same monster he did in the earlier battle (a Cyclops), but Yugi brings out the Black Magician and destroys it. Then, Kaiba brings out a Blue Eyes White Dragon.

Meanwhile, the real Seto Kaiba makes his way into his mansion, which is now surrounded with Pegasus' guards.

The fake Kaiba decides not to attack, but instead places a cards.

Yugi puts his monsters in defense mode, and plays a Curse of Dragon in defense mode. Kaiba then activates his card, Defense Seal, turning all of Yugi's monsters to attack mode, and prevent him from playing further monsters in defense mode. He then destroys the Curse of Dragon.

Kaiba tries to hack into the main computer of the Industrial Illusion Company to find out what is going on.

Remembering his vow to Mokuba, Yugi believes that Kaiba is really alive, and plays the Magical Silk Hat card, hiding his Black Magician in one of four Silk Hats. Yugi goads the fake Kaiba into attack. And the Burst Stream flies at one of the Silk Hats...
Cards introduced in this episode: Defense Seal (not a real card; a different version exists), Magical Silk Hat
Quote from this episode: "Blue Eyes White Dragon has been called here to exact my vengeance against you!"
Episode 10: Blue Eyes White Dragon's Counterattack!

...and hits the wrong one. Yugi looks smug and places a card on the field, being hidden in one of the three remaining Hats. However, he tells Kaiba that one of them has a Trap card in it.

Kaiba attacks...and hits the one with the Trap card, the Hexagram Curse. Blue Eyes White Dragon is prevented from attacking, and its attack strength is reduced. Yugi attacks with the Black Magician, destroying Blue Eyes.

Before he has time to savor the victory, Kaiba brings out another Blue Eyes and destroys the Black Magician.

Meanwhile, the real Kaiba has broken into the I^2 main computer, and finds that he has to help Yugi in order to save his own company. He begins to upload a virus to the Blue Eyes.

Yugi has no choice but to play a Gremlin in attack mode. The fake Kaiba is about to end the battle when Blue Eyes begins to glow, and even though it attacks, its fails, and disappears.

It comes out that the Kaiba is a fake, and it reveals itself to be the Death Imitator (with a new shape). It keeps playing monsters in defense mode, when Yugi finally brings out the Holy Elf card, and enhances it with the Tome of Secrets Magic card.

The Imitator draws the final Blue Eyes and attacks, but Yugi reflects the attack back with Mirror Force...which is in turned negated by the Attack Nullification card.

Yugi's final trump card is to play the Raise Dead card, bringing one of Kaiba's Blue Eyes back into play, and then with the power of the Holy Elf's chanting, annihilates the Imitator's Blue Eyes, and wins the match for Yugi.

After the battle, Yugi and company realize that Mokuba is gone.
Cards introduced in this episode: Hexagram Curse, Grappler, Holy Elf, Tome of Secrets, Attack Nullification, Raise Dead.
Quote from this episode: "Sorry to burst your bubble."
Episode 11: The Power of Friendship! Barbarians #1 and #2

The search for Mokuba has failed, and finally agree that he was probably taken into Pegasus' castle. Jounouchi finds some cards that turn out to be Honda's. Finding the Bariabrian #1, he convinces Honda to let him use it for a while.

Meanwhile, Mai is contemplating her defeat at the hands of Jounouchi. Noticable ticked off, she runs into Dinosaur Ryuzaki, who wants another duel for what happened on the ship. She agrees, but has a condition...

The groups runs into Mai Kujaku again, and wants her servant, Dinosaur Ryuzaki, to duel him. But this time there's to be no help from the audience. Jounouchi accepts, despite what everyone else things. Honda runs off, being ticked off after being punched.

In the first turn, Jounouchi draws both the Time Magician and Baby Dragon. He plays the Baby Dragon, but it promptly gets squashed.

Jounouchi is on the losing end until he draws the Flame Swordsman, and begins annihilating dinosaur after dinosaur...

Until Ryuzaki's Evilnight Dragon comes out, making short work of the Swordsman.

With the return of Honda to the scene, Jounouchi gets both Barbarians out, and when the Evilnight Dragon attacks, its attack is reflected back at the Dragon by the one of the Barbarians.

Ryuzaki just smiles, with an ace up his sleeve.
Cards introduced in this episode: Two-Headed Kind Rex, Megazaurus, Sword Dragon, Evilnight Dragon, Flame Swordsman Barbarian #1, Barbarian #2
Quote from this episode: "Jounouchi, you'll probably never see a card like this again in your life!"
Episode 12: Dark Flare! Red Eyes Black Dragon

Jounouchi's Barbarians begins their assault, when Ryuzaki finally plays Red Eyes Black Dragon, and attaches the Dark Dragon Claws to it. It then makes short work of the Barbarians.

Jounouchi feels like its time to give up, but Ryuzaki makes a bold move -- he offers to give Jounouchi his Red Eyes if he loses. But it he wins, Jounouchi has to fork over the Time Magician.

Jounouchi agrees...but decides to use the Time Magician, not knowing what it could do. In the end, Red Eyes turns to stone, and wins Jounouchi the match...and the super-rare Red Eyes Black Dragon.

The group looks around for food when they run into Mai. She offers to give them food, as long as they cook it. She walks off for some air, when Bakura makes his appearance.

They all talk about their favorite cards, when Bakura challenges Yugi for a fun game against his deck against everyone's favorite cards in Yugi's deck.

At least, the game was supposed to be fun, until Bakura's new personality from the Millennum Ring takes over, and traps all of their souls in Yugi's deck. Just as he's about to grab the Millennium Puzzle, the other Yugi makes his appearance, ready and willing to accept the duel.
Cards introduced in this episode: Red Eyes Black Dragon, Dark Dragon Claws
Quote from this episode: "But they really do act like Idiot #1 and Idiot #2."

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