Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters

Episode 5: Perfectly Evolved Great Moth

Yugi has just reflected back HAga's attack, destroying all of his monsters, and doing a lot of damage to his Life Points. Anzu and company remark that the game will be a piece of cake, but Mai steps in and states otherwise.

Haga announces that he has a trump card that would be coming soon. Haga plays a monster, but Yugi doesn't attack, since Haga still has a placed card on the Field.

Yugi then plays Monster Recall, bringing his monsters back to his hand, and shuffling them into his deck, giving him a new hand of five cards. He plays Kuribo and attacks, activating Haga's Parasite Worm, getting rid of it, but destroying the Kuribo in the process.

Haga laughs, telling him that he it's all been according to plan. Haga plays the Evolutionary Cocoon card on his monster, the Larva Moth. Haga tells Yugi that the Perfectly Evolves Great Moth will appear in five turns, and will defeat him.

Yugi tries to attack the Cocoon with Dark Knight Gaia, but with the Field Power Source, the Cocoon's defense strength is too high. Yugi plays another monster.

The turns pass by, but taking a hint from Jounouchi, Yugi summons Curse of Dragon, and plays Scorched Earth to burn away the forest under the Cocoon, lowering the defense strength. Yugi attacks the Cocoon, but it's too late to stop the Great Moth from coming out.

Haga's Great Moth flies, and just before it attacks, Yugi plays a card. Ruiz is destroyed, along with Dark Knight Gaia.

Or so he thinks. Yugi played the Fusion card, combining Curse of Dragon and Dark Knight Gaia into Dragon Knight Gaia. Their attack strengths are equal at first, but Haga reveals that the attack of the Great Moth spreads poison pollen, which continually decreases Gaia's attack strength. Yugi plays the Demon Rain card to wash the pollen off, soaking all of the monsters in play.

It's not enough, as the attack strength of Gaia is low enough for the Moth to destroy it. Yugi is left with very little LP.

Yugi laughs, stating that Gaia was just bait. Yugi summons Demon Summon. Since the Demon has an electrical attack, and the Great Moth is soaked, the Demon's attack strength is increased. The Demon handidly toasts the Moth, and wins the match for Yugi. Haga is removed from the tournament, and Jounouchi takes Haga's duel glove.
Cards introduced in this episode: Monster Recall, Kuribo, Parasite Worm (not a real card), Larva Moth, Evolutionary Cocoon, Great Moth, Fusion, Dragon Knight Gaia, Demon Rain, Curse of Dragon, Scorched Earth, Ruiz.
Quote from this episode: "You and your pheromones don't know anything about our friend Yugi!"
Episode 6: Magnificent Harpy Lady

With the battle with Haga out of the way, it's Jounouchi's turn to duel, but the group runs into Mai Kujaku. Mai challenges him, and everyone thinks he can't win, but Yugi gives him the thumbs up that he can.

Jounouchi starts the battle with Mai, but her Harpy Lady proves to be too much a problem since it matches up with the mountains. Not only that, it can fly, which eliminates the Field Power Source on the enemy monsters when it attacks.

Jounouchi's monster's are cut down, but with some words from Yugi, Jounouchi brings out the Baby Dragon. Mai plays Ten-Thousand Reflections, turning her Harpy Lady into three.

Jounouchi finally draws the Time Magician card (NOTE: In the comic during this scene, Yugi uses the Millennium Puzzle to cheat, helping Jounouchi draw the card.), and uses it to turn the Baby Dragon into the Millennium Dragon. It has the side-effect of aging Mai's Harpy Ladies, and all it takes is one swift hit from the Millennium Dragon's Millennium Nose Breath to incinerate them, and win Jounouchi the match.
Cards introduced in this episode: Harpy Lady, Legendary Swordsman: Masaki, Cyber Bondage, Ten-Thousand Reflections, Harpy Lady Triplets, Tiger Axe, Time Magician, Millennium Dragon, Demon Hunter, Baby Dragon
Quote from this episode: "You can see it, but you can't see it!"
Episode 7: The God of the Sea, Leviathan

Yugi and company are on the lookout for food, since no one brought any. Anzu expected a huge event to have a lot of food to offer. Jounouchi smells something, and takes off in a direction.

They find some fish cooking, but no one around. Jounouchi and Honda are about to snag it when Ryouta Kajiki pops up out of the water, demanding the fish back. Kajiki eventually realizes Yugi is there, and allows them to eat.

When finished, as they are about to leave, Kajiki challenges Yugi to a duel, since he gave them food. Yugi accepts.

Starting the duel on the sea, Yugi can't see the first monster that Kajiki has played, since it stays under the water. Yugi tries to attack in various ways, but is unable to, and succumbs to Kajiki's "Sea Stealth Attack." Yugi plays a Silver Fong, then the Full Moon card to enhance the monster.

Kajiki brings out Leviathan, and with an attack, turns Yugi's side of the Field almost all into water as well, with only one place to play monsters. He summons a Rock Soldier in defense mode.

Kajiki carelessly surrounds Yugi's monster will all of his own. Yugi puts the Rock Soldier into attack mode, and then attacks the Moon card above the Field. The water from Yugi's side recedes, exposing all of Kajiki's monsters. Yugi summons Curse of Dragon and plays Scorched Earth, and annihilates all of Kajiki's monsters. Winning him the duel.

Kajiki thanks Yugi for the duel, and then jumps into the sea again.
Cards introduced in this episode: Devil Kraken, Imp, Gremlin, Megalodon, Rock Soldier, Full Moon, Leviathan, Unicorn's Horn
Quote from this episode: "Who said I'm going to attack your monsters?"
Episode 8: Stolen Blue Eyes White Dragon

At Pegasus' castle, someone makes his way out of the window with the help of a rope.

Finising up the duel with Kajiki, the group runs into a boy being taken away by Pegasus' henchman. They try to rescue him but fail, and the henchman explains that all of the boys Star Chips were lost. The boy then tells them that they were stolen, along with his cards. After chasing both the boy and the henchman to the departing boat, Yugi and company tell him that they'll track down the person who stole them.

Waiting at the duel ring in the field, the thief shows up, challenging Yugi to a duel. It comes out that the thief is actually Mokuba, trying to defend the Kaiba Corporation. Pegasus' is after the corporation for some reason, and as Mokuba tells them what he overheard, if Pegasus can get Yugi to lose the tournament, the Big Five of the Kaiba Corporation will take the company from the now-absent Kaiba, and give it to Pegasus.

Yugi convinces Mokuba that he will defeat Pegasus, and that he should give back the Star Chips and cards he stole.

Back at the dock, the ship has already left. The henchman grabs Mokuba. Yugi challenges the man to a duel, but he won't duel; there is a special opponent in mind for Yugi.

When returning to the duel ring, they find Kaiba standing there.
Cards introduced in this episode: Crocodairas, Man-Eating Plant.
Quote from this episode: "So, you'll give me half of them as a finder's fee, right?"

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