Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters

Episode 57: Reversal. Chain Destruction

Thanks to Jounouchi, Yugi has figured out what the Rare Hunter's deck is based on.

The Rare Hunter is about to draw the last piece, when Yugi keeps the Rare Hunter at bay with his cards, first using a Trap card to prevent him from drawing, and second, the Hand-Sealing Sword of Light to remove a piece from the game.

However, the Hunter has a Sealing Swords of Light up his sleeve.

Yugi then starts to make a comment about the Hunter's deck -- he has no other Monsters, since the Monsters that would be on the Field are actually in his hand (the pieces of Exodia).

The Rare Hunter gets paranoid, and when he places one of his extra Exodia pieces, Yugi activate the Chain Destruction Trap card, destroying the pieces of Exodia in the Rare Hunter's hand and deck. Yugi promptly finishes him off.

It's then that Malik makes his presence known (by controlling the Rare Hunter), telling Yugi that his goal is to get the God cards to become unstoppable.

Yugi is ready to give back Jounouchi's Red Eyes, but he doesn't feel that he can accept it. He wants to get it back fair and square, when he becomes a True Duelist.
Cards introduced in this episode: Seal of Time, Hand-Sealing Sword of Light, Chain Destruction
Episode 58: Esper Roba. Fear of the Psychic Deck

Jounouchi is walking around, when he catches the last part of a battle between Dinosaur Ryuzaki and Esper Roba. Ryuzaki loses.

Despite Ryuzaki's cautions to the contrary, Jounouchi goes ahead and takes the challenge.

At the hospital, Honda visits Shizuka, along with a laptop so that he can relay how her brother is doing in the battle city tournament.

Esper Roba starts to get "vibes" from space. Jounouchi plays an illegal summon since he has completely forgotten about the sacrifice rules for high-level Monsters.

Yugi is looking over the duel from a rooftop, he finds that Esper Roba's psychic powers are actually the work of his three brothers that are looking at Jounouchi's hand with a pair of binoculars, and relaying them to him through a microphone.

Esper Roba makes a comment that gets Jounouchi's mind working. Jounohchi activates two cards, the Angel's and Demon's Die. Roba had been given the information that both cards were actually the Angel's Die. Jounouchi now realizes that it has got to be some sort of trick.

At this time, Mokuba also catches wind of the brothers on the rooftop, and is ready expel Roba, when the brothers plead to the contrary.

They continue the duel, and when Jounouchi's about to win, Roba controls one of his Monsters, and sacrifices it to summon the Psycho Shocker, which destroys Jounouchi's Trap cards on the Field.
Cards introduced in this episode: Cyber Raider [Not in the real card game], Giga Cyber, Wyvern Warrior, Landostar Swordsman, Angel's Die, Demon's Die, Mind Puppetry [not in the real card game], Psycho Shocker
Episode 59: Leap of Faith. The Spinning Roulette Spider

Roba follows up by playing a card that increases the Psycho Shocker's attack strength each turn.

Jounouchi gives his Thousand Dragon combo a try, but it turns out that the Psycho Shocker's body is made of special material, so that it can't age. The Thousand Dragon is destroyed by the Psycho Shocker.

Though Honda has been telling Shizuka that Jounouchi's winning, he leaves for a brief moment for her checkup. She gets the nurse to tell her exactly what the situation is with her brother.

Roba's in the lead, and he's incredibly made that Jounouchi just won't give in. Jounouchi draws and plays the Roulette Spider. The turn of the spinner lands with both of Roba's Monsters attacking each other, and winning Jounouchi the game.

Though Roba has resorted to cheating to win the duels and gain respect, he states that he will never do it again. And that when he and Jounouchi duel again, he will get his Psycho Shocker back, fair and square.
Cards introduced in this episode: Cerebral Booster, Reflect Bounder [not in the real card game], Roulette Spider [not in the real card game]
Episode 60: The Black Magician User, Pandora.

There is some trouble concerning two duelists, and Mokuba breaks it up. Kaiba comes with Mokuba in the despute, and duels the man that is causing trouble. (The last words you hear Kaiba say before the duel is: "I will show you god. For that is what power us!"). The duel is quickly decided.

In the Ghouls' headquarters, Malik learns of the holder of the God of Obelisk. Malik is mainly concerned with the Pharaoh, Yugi. He has the stage magician, Pandora, ready to duel Yugi.

Yugi is walking around when he is "beckoned" by a circus clown. He follows it toward a circus tent, and into a magic box.

He then is introduced the Pandora, a duelist who is an expert of using the Black Magician.

Pandora leads him to the basement, into a room where they are then locked to the duel area. When their Life Points reach zero, a spinning blade will cut off their legs.

By using a combination of cards, Yugi gets a Black Magician out on his second turn, and promptly does massive damage to Pandora. And the show has only yet begun...
Cards introduced in this episode: Hand Obliteration, Magic Clown Rijon

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