Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters

Episode 53: The Fiery Dance Battle

It's a rainy day in Domino City, and school has just ended. In an uncharacteristic move, Yugi asks Anzu for a date, but not for himself; the Dark Yugi has been down recently, and he though that ANzu could cheer him up.

The Dark Yugi sees his normal self dressing up on the mirror, but still doesn't have the slightest idea of what is going on. When he goes and meets Anzu, he "forces" the Dark Yugi to come out, much to his distress.

As they sit in a shop, a conversation come to light as to how the Dark Yugi doesn't know where he's come from, or where he's headed. Anzu says that most people are like that. They decide to walk around. They stop in a card shop where where Yugi picks up some cards, then stop in an arcade.

In the arcade, a dance game is attracting attention. Anzu decides to have a go at it. Even though she's going great, her opponent begins to use some tactics of trying to trip her up. Anzu recovers nicely, and in the end, it's her opponent, Step Johnny, that messes up.

Outside, Yugi and Anzu are talking when Step Johnny demands a duel. Dark Yugi steps in to take the challenge.

As the duel starts, it's found out that Johnny uses a fan deck, which is a Music Deck. Though he thinks he's got the game in the bag with this Musician King with a Metal Conversion attached to it (making it the Heavy Metal King), Yugi ends up winning the match, as Johnny quits, knowing he has no chance against the Duelist Kingdom winner.

Anzu and Johnny talk about their dancing dreams, but that Johnny shouldn't give up after the first time he got turned down in an audition.

Yugi and Anzu decide to go to the ancient Egyptian exhibit at Domino Museum.
Cards introduced in this episode: Sound Maiden, Soothing Song, Musician King, Harp Spirit
NOTE: This episode does NOT happen in the comic.
Episode 54: This City Will Become Battle City!

As they walk through the museum, Yugi takes a detour to a restricted area. In that area, they see two large tablets (the ones that Kaiba say earlier). Isis appears, and tells him that a fated battle is going to be happening soon, to return his lost memories. Yugi realizes that there is more to this whole situation than he thought.

In the Kaiba Corporation R&D Department, Kaiba is testing out the new Duel Disk against the computer.

The Duel Robo is quite good at its tactics. It succeeds in playing a Blue Eyes on the second turn, though the Robo is cautious as to the Set cards that Seto has. Kaiba thinks it will be a cakewalk, but by the third turn, the Robo has played a Lord of Dragons, a Dragon-Calling Horn, and fused all three Blue Eyes into the Ultimate Dragon. However, Fusion Monsters can't attack on the turn they are summoned in Battle City.

Kaiba takes an example from Yugi, and draws his card -- The God of Obelisk. He puts it into play, and by sacrificing two of his other Monsters, annihilates the Ultimate Dragon and causes the main computer to burn out.
Outside of the museum, Yugi confides in Anzu not to tell his normal self about the tablets in the museum. At the same time, Yugi had been feeling a strange aura around the area. It's then that Mai Kujaku shows up. Mai is surprised that Yugi is there, even though he hadn't even read an announcement on the Internet by Seto Kaiba. Lots of known duelists are around, including Dinosaur Ryuzaki, Insector Haga and Esper Roba.

Kaiba shows up in a helicopter to announce a new tournament that will be held in the entire city, which will be known as Battle City.
Episode 55: The Ghouls Attack. They're After Red Eyes Black Dragon

Yugi is discussing the tournament with Jounouchi. They need to get a Duel Disk from a special hobby shop after school.

Once they make it to the shop, they find out that level four or higher duelists get the new Duel Disk for free. Yugi is at level eight. Jounouchi, on the other hand, is only level two. He can't enter the tournament, but when the shop owner sees his Red Eyes Black Dragon as Jounouchi's card of choice, a small tap of the computer keys turns his level to five.

On his way home, Jounouchi is forced into a duel with three black-robed people. They will take Red Eyes if he loses.

The duel follows in Jounouchi's favor, with the black-robed individual doing next to nothing but placing Monsters in defense mode, and using Magic cards to draw cards.

In the end, the robed man wins, as he has all the parts of Exodia in his hand. They beat up Jounouchi and take his Red Eyes.

Shizuka is getting ready to go have the operation, but she won't go unless her brother is there. Yugi and company are worried, as Jounouchi hadn't shown up at all that night.

Honda is the one that finds him on the beach. Honda convinces Jounouchi to go to the hospital. Shizuka goes in for the operation. Jounouchi calls yugi and tells him to be careful during Battle City.
Cards introduced in this episode: Hannibal Necrosavant, Angel's Gift, Death Hand, Three-Headed Gido, Wyvern Warrior, Scapegoat, Panther Warrior
Episode 56: Clash! Battle City Begins!

Yugi and Dark Yugi stayed up all night to make their deck. Jounouchi, on the other hand, was still making his deck just before the tournament begins. He calls Shizuka for some morale, but Honda answers the phone instead, much to Jounouchi's distress.

Yugi meets Mai at the tournament, and meet Ryuzaki, Haga and Kajiki, but the latter three begin to argue, and Yugi and Mai go to their starting points.

Yugi is waiting at his point when Kaiba makes his annoucements from screen all across the city and on a blimp, explaining the rules of the tournament, including the ante rule and how to get to the final round.

After the announcement, Yugi sees Jounouchi. Jounouchi had been searching for the Rare Hunter that stole his Red Eyes.

Yugi is ready to challenge the Rare Hunter to a duel. Jounochi advises against it, since he has copied cards in his deck. He's about to tell Yugi what the Rare Hunter's deck is based on, but Yugi stops him.

When it's the official time for Battle City to start, they begin their duel. The Rare Hunter goes on the defensive with high-defense strength Monsters and card-drawing cards.

Kaiba, watching from headquarters, determines that the cards the Rare Hunter is using are fakes. Though Mokuba is tempted to stop that duel, Kaiba decides to let it go and see how far Yugi can get.

With Jounouchi's help, Yugi finds out that the Rare Hunter is using an Exodia deck. The Hunter reveals that it's too late, as he only needs one more part of Exodia to win. The special contact lenses in his eyes allow him to see the next card that he is about to draw from his deck.
Cards introduced in this episode: Aztec Statue, Air Guard Gear Golem, Phantom Beast King Gazelle, Baffomett, Winged Illusion Beast Chimera

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