Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters

Episode 50: Challenge From The Past. The Terrifying Zera

Anzu arrives at the store to walk with Yugi to school. Yugi is up in his room getting ready for school. (NOTE: here is where we begin to see both Yugis talk to each other, and remains so until the end of the series.) The Dark Yugi kids him about showing Anzu "how cool he can be." Yugi's mother, on the other hand, is getting worried about Yugi "talking to himself."

On the way to school, Yugi stops to see a fortune teller. The teller wishes to see his Millennium Puzzle. Yugi is reluctant, but hands it over, and the man promptly takes off with it. Yugi gives chase, and Anzu goes for help. She runs into Bakura, and after she goes on ahead, Bakura goes to look for Yugi. He notices that ALL of the points on the Millennium Ring are facing in one direction.

Yugi tracks the man down to an abandoned warehouse. The Puzzle is attached to a duel ring. A voice tells him that he must win in a duel to get the Puzzle back.

However, the man is being controlled by someone else, a dark-shrouded man sitting on a throne. The Dark Yugi can barely communicate with his normal self because there is a thick shroud of the Powers of Darkness. He will have to duel alone.

As the duel progresses, the man starts putting out Machine Monsters. Yugi gets the drift, and puts it together that it is actually Keith that is playing. The one controlling him reveals that he is actually in control of Keith, but does not reveal his name.

At the school, Anzu gets Jounouchi and Honda, and they make their way to where the Puzzle was stolen.

The man that is controlling Keith wants him to call out the Dark Yugi to battle. But Yugi keeps playing. Yugi starts to make his comeback, but the man in control of Keith begins to use the tactics of replica cards.

Keith plays the Ritual of Zera and Zera and summarily begins to destroy Yugi's Monsters.

Cards introduced in this episode: Cyber Pod, Mecha Hunter, Army Battle Machine Bagross, Mega Sonic Eye, Ritual of Zera, Zera, Machine King
NOTE: This episode does NOT happen in the comic.
Episode 51: The Broken Millennium Puzzle

Keith's Zera is smashing through Yugi's Monsters, and continues the assault of Ultra Rare replica cards. Yugi tries his usual tricks to survive, but Keith's negation cards prevent Yugi from using them.

It's around now that Bakura arrives on the scene, and with a well-placed blast of dark energy, breaks the bond that the man has with Keith. Keith, unknown to what is happening, smashes the Millennium Puzzle against the Duel Ring, breaking into its small pieces. Bakura swings down on a rope and knocks Keith out.

Here's where Bakura's true motive is know: as long as he can get the seven Millennium Items together, he can unlock the door of darkness and gain control of an immense dark energy. He uses the power of his Millennium Ring to put a small part of his soul in a piece of the Puzzle, which will give him access to the room of Yugi's mind to find the key of getting the Millennium Items together.

Keith wakes up due to the man's goading. Keith goes mad, trying to attack an illusion that isn't there, and ends up setting the warehouse on fire.

However, the main part of the Puzzle is still stuck on the Duel Ring by a large pin, and Yugi can't pull it out. He has no choice but to put it together there.

Anzu, Jounouchi and Honda arrive on the scene, and as they break down the door, Keith runs past them, never to be seen again.

Jounouchi and Honda try to get Yugi to let go of the completed Puzzle, and even though he's unconscious, can't get him to let go. Jounouchi then gets a message from Dark Yugi, and free the Puzzle. They make their way safely outside.

While in the hospital, Anzu comes to a conclusion that there truly are two different personalities within Yugi.
Cards Introduced In This Episode: Magic Jammer, Declaration of God, Wicked Ritual
NOTE: This episode does NOT happen in the comic.
Episode 52: The Lost Memories of the Pharaoh

A woman named Isis Ishtahl has arrived in Japan for an ancient Egyptian exhibit that Domino Museum will be hosting. for her.

Meanwhile, at the Kaiba Corporation, Kaiba is getting some work done, while Mokuba watches a press-conference on TV that has Isis talking about the exhibit.

Kaiba has no interest in it, but gets a phone call from Isis, wanting to know if he would be interesting in knowing the origins of many rare cards.

Kaiba makes his way to the museum, and though Isis tries to give some background on the exhibit, Kaiba is more interested in the rare cards she was talking about. She asks him what he would think if he found out that Pegasus based Duel Monsters on an ancient Egyptian game.

Back in his room, Yugi is contemplating the current turn of events.

In one of the exhibition halls, Isis shows Kaiba two large stone tablets, depicting what appeared to be several Duel Monsters cards. Isis gives the history of what the game was really about. On the second tablet that Kaiba sees, it's unmistakable that the a person etched on it is Yugi, with the Black Magician above him.

Kaiba is, of course, incredulous to the claims. Isis using the power of her Millennium Tauk to take them back into the past, where they witness a duel between what appears to be Kaiba and another duelist.

In his room, Yugi and Dark Yugi are talking. Yugi really wants to know about his other personality -- where he came from; who he is. Dark Yugi doesn't know anything. He has no memories of where he came from, or even what his name was.

As the visions continue for Kaiba and Isis, the Kaiba-like priest lays waste to the opposing duelist. When the visions stop, Isis states that the same conflict is going to be happening again soon. Though Kaiba is about to leave, she once again peaks his interests when she begins to talk about the God cards.

A band of players, the Ghouls, are hunting down the God cards for their own nefarious ends. They have two of the cards, and Isis wants Kaiba to get them back. She lends him the God of Obelisk card to do so. However, to draw them out, the Kaiba Corporation would need to hold a Duel Monsters tournament.

The Dark Yugi tells his normal self that it truly doesn't matter if his memories return or not. He will remain Yugi's friend forever.

Yes, this volume has three episodes on it. This is because the distributor changes to Marvelous Entertainment (up to volume 12 is Star Child) from volumes 13 on up. Volume 14 will have four episodes on it.

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