Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters

Episode 45: Duel Monsters Quest (3), Master of Dragon Knight

After using the Time Magician's effect correctly, the Airship is revived, and the crew begins their journey to the Dark Flying Castle. However, they are assaulted by an onslaught of Monsters, and the Airship catches fire.

Meanwhile, in the inner sanctum, Mokuba arrives, and promptly frees Kaiba. They then begin to make their way out.

Yugi and company have to fight their way through the Dark Flying Castles creatures (including Great Moths), but finally get to the sanctum as their destination, and meet Kaiba in the process.

Though they think they have finished the game, the Big Five steps in and commences to revive the Five God Dragon anyway. The Lord of Dragons is present under the crew, so they can only fight with Dragons.

Their attacks are ineffective. In the final attack, Mokuba is about to be destroyed when Jounouchi throws his Red Eyes in the way. His Life Points are reduced to zero, and he disappears.

Yugi tells Kaiba about the legend of the legendary warrior and ultimate dragon that need to come together to beat the Five God Dragon. Kaiba ignores the statement. Yugi turns his a Dark Knight Gaia into the Chaos Soldier.

Mai tries to attack, but is promptly defeated, and disappears like Jounouchi. Mokuba is the second to go, and with that, Kaiba fuses his three Blue Eyes into Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon. Yugi then fuses the Ultimate Dragon and Chaos Soldier into the Master of Dragon Knight. The power of the Five God Dragon and the Dragons in the Cemeteries boost the Master's attack strength to 9000, far over the Five God Dragon's 5000 attack strength. The Master attacks with its Galaxy Crusher, and destroys the Five God Dragon.

Yugi and Kaiba then find themselves back in the city, and suddenly their comrades are revived. With Kaiba back, the crew returns to the real world.

And everything was back to normal.
Cards introduced in this episode: Five God Dragon, Master of Dragon Knight
NOTE: This episode does NOT happen in the comic.
Episode 46: The Mysterious Transfer Student, Ryuji Otogi

Yugi's grandfather is in bad sorts. It seems that a new game shop has opened right across the street from his, and they will be selling a game called Dungeon Dice Monsters. And a young man named Otogi waits to get his revenge on Yugi, as he watches him go off to school.

At school, the crew is talking amongst themselves, when they hear some commotion from the next class over. A new student is impressive the girls with a dice trick. [NOTE: For those that have actually seen this episode, stacking the dice like that is possible; however, lining up the numbers like that is near impossible.]

Otogi overhears Jounouchi boasting about himself, and challenges him to a bit of a game using the dice. It's a trap, and Jounouchi loses. Jounouchi suggests a game of Duel Monsters. Otogi agrees, but only to a sealed deck game, and if Jounouchi loses, he becomes Otogi's lapdog for a week.

Jounouchi agrees, and the battle is set. They make their way to Otogi's game shop, and Jounouchi opens some packs and makes his deck there. Otogi has rented a duel ring from the Kaiba Corporation, which is stored in the basement level. Otogi has some girl cheerleaders there, and the whole match will be broadcast via the Internet.

Jounouchi starts out well, but his carelessness gets the better of him, and ends up losing the game to Otogi. Jounouchi is forced to wear a dog outfit for the week. Yugi can't bear to see his friend humiliated, and challenges Otogi to a battle. But this time, it will be in Dungeon Dice Monsters. However, Otogi's condition is that if Yugi loses, he will never play Duel Monsters again.
Cards Introduced In This Episode: Dark Bat, Spike Head, Take You With Me, Goblin Strike Team, Vic Viper, Meteor Strike, Sword Hunter, Oni Tank, Charging Swordhorn Beast
NOTE: This episode does NOT happen in the comic.
Episode 47: Shodown! Dungeon Dice Monsters

The Duel Ring changes, so that it resembles a game board, rather than a duel ring. Dungeon Dice Monsters is played with dice. Three dice are rolled during each turn, which allows the player to stock the Crests that appear on the dice, or summon a Monster with them. Each player is a Dungeon Master, and has three points of Life. Each time the DM is attacked, it loses a Life Point. Yugi and Otogi choose their dice, and load them into a special shooter to shuffle them.

Otogi begins, and summons a Monster. One of the dice is placed on the Field, and creates a path for the Monster.

Yugi keeps trying to roll, but fails to summon Monsters, as the level of the dice he has chosen are too high. You need to roll two identical level dice that come up Summon Crests before one can summon. All the while, Otogi is making his way across the board with his dice paths and Monsters.

Yugi finally manages to summon a Little Wizard, which is a level four Monsters. He begins his counterattack.

Yugi is able to bring out another Monster on his next turn, but one of Otogi's Monsters destroys it.

Otogi then reveals why he's after Yugi. Dungeon Dice Monsters was his masterpiece of a game, and Pegasus agreed to begin manufacturing the game after the Duelist Kingdom was over with. However, with Pegasus now "absent," the game will never get into production.

Yugi gets hit with an attack, which makes him lose one of his Life Points.

Episode 48: Yugi's Terrible Battle. The God Orguss' Fierce Assault

Yugi manages to get another Monster out, a Gologon, and with its ability, destroys all Monsters that it comes into contact with.

Through more attacking and summons, Yugi starts to come into the lead, but Otogi reveals something about the Field.

There isn't enough space left for Yugi to summon any more Monsters, due to space constraints. Otogi then summons a special item, called Warp Hole, which will allow him to teleport his Monsters if there are two Warp Holes on the board.

Yugi summons a Black Ninja, and with Yugu's own special item, another Warp Hole, sending his Ninja through to begin the onslaught on Otogi's Monsters. Yugi reduces Otogi's Life Points by one.

Otogi summons another Monster out, the God Orguss, but Yugi evades the attack, and manages to knock another Life Point off of Otogi's total.

However, they is no more chances to evade, so the Black Ninja is destroyed by the Orguss.
Episode 49: The Miracle Dimension. The Black Magician is Summoned

The situation has gone from bad to worse as Otogi moves his God Orguss through the Warp Hole, closer to Yugi. Yugi keeps trying to summon, but can't seem to get the correct crests.

Meanwhile, the God Orguss sweeps a path through each and every one of Yugi's Monsters. Then it attacks Yugi to reduce his Life Points by one more.

Though Otogi thinks that Yugi can't summon another Monster, Yugi gets the Crests, and finds a place to summon the Black Magician. It promptly destroys the God Orguss.

Otogi uses an item, called a Monster Cannon, to destroy the Magician. However, Yugi activates the Black Magician's Magical Silk Hat ability to evade the attack.

Otogi tries to retreat with another of his Monsters, but Yugi uses the Magician's Magic Box of Death ability to switch places with Otogi's Monster, and do the final point of damage needed to Otogi to win.

In the end, Otogi thinks his dreams are finally crushed, when the crew tells him that the game really is fun. And then Industrial Illusions contacts Otogi, telling him that they're going to produce Dungeon Dice Monsters. Otogi, in return, lets Jounouchi out of their little bet.

Yes, this volume has five episode on it. This is because the distributor changes to Marvelous Entertainment (up to volume 12 is Star Child) from volumes 13 on up. Volume 13 will only have three episodes on it, but will go back to four starting with volume 14.

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