Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters

Episode 41: The Girl From America

Yugi and company have met back where Bakura and Mokuba are. Mokuba and Kaiba wake up, freed from their souls being imprisoned in Pegasus' cards. Crocketts gives Yugi the prize money (which he gives to Jounouchi), and the "Bond of Friendship" card (NOTE: Has no effect. It's just a trophy card.)

Outside, Yugi runs into Kaiba. Kaiba says that their conflict still isn't over, even if he did save Mokuba.

Back in Domino City, Yugi visits his grandfather in the hospital, who has also woken up.

On the way home, the crew decides to get something to eat later that night when, lo and behold, they find someone waiting for them in front of the game shop.

The girl, an American, acts in a rather uppity manner, talks to her teddy beat, and for the rest of this episode and the next, is fond of saying "God damn!" (in English). She's come to Japan to get the Blue Eyes White Dragon back from Sugoroku. Her name is Rebecca.

They can't really get out the words to explain just what happened to that Blue Eyes (remember, it was torn up by Kaiba?).

Though she doesn't get the message, she offers to duel Sugoroku for it. However, since he's still ill, Yugi offers to duel in his stead.

Rebecca starts off "cutely", but the card plays remind Sugoroku of something...

However, Rebecca's demeanor soon changes, along with her fighting style. Her counterassaults leave Yugi slightly on the defensive.

This is when Sugoroku realizes that she's the granddaughter of his best friend, Arthur.
Cards introduced in this episode: Black Forest Witch, Critter, Cannon Soldier, Millennium Shield, Electromagnetic Ring, Welcome For The Dead
NOTE: This episode does NOT happen in the comic.
Episode 42: Deadly Shadow Ghoul

Rebecca is getting the wrong idea, as she fully believes that Sugoroku stole the Blue Eyes from her grandfather. Sugoroku then explains how he met Arthur.

Sugoroku was at an excavation dig in Egypt when he had run out of water. Arthur was more than happy to offer his. Arthur had made his way to Egypt to find the secrets to the true Egyptains. He had come to the conclusion that the ancient Egyptians played an ancient card game in a series of rituals. However, since his idea was so farfetched, he was booted out of the scientific community and had to research his theory on his own. He had come across words pertaining to "God cards."

However, later during their search, both of them were stuck in a cavein. During the time that they were stuck, their water quickly depleted. Arthur and Sugoroku decide to play a card game to pass the time. The winner of the game would win the last bit of water that they had.

Rebecca doesn't want to hear any more, and demands that the duel continue. With a quick combo play, Yugi begins to gain control of the game.

Rebecca plays her most powerful Monster, the Shadow Ghoul, which has its attack strength increased by 100 for each Monster in her Cemetery.

Yugi extends the game a bit by playing Sealing Swords of Light. The game keeps going, Yugi waiting for a card. Sugoroku has a flashback of a similar moment.

Then Yugi concedes the game to Rebecca.

Rebecca wants the Blue Eyes back, and Sugoroku is more than happy to oblige -- a Blue Eyes that had been taped back together.

That's when Arthur makes his way in. He knew the true outcome of the duel, with Yugi winning. Arthur takes a look at the top card of Yugi's deck, which turns out to be the Release of the Soul. It removes 5 cards in each player's Cemetery from the game. It would have powered down her Shadow Ghoul, where Yugi could have destroyed it with his Black Magician.

In a flashback, Sugoroku had done the exact same thing, in order to give Arthur the last of the water, since he was in bad shape.

To make sure that there are no hard feelings against her, Yugi gives Rebecca the Bond of Friendship card.
Cards introduced in this episode: Judgement Bomber, Shadow Ghoul, Release of the Soul
NOTE: This episode does NOT happen in the comic.
Episode 43: The Big 5's Trap, Duel Monsters Quest

Kaiba is busy confronting the Big 5 for their previous little coup during the Duelist Kingdom. Of course they flub their way out of it, saying it was for the good of the corporation. Kaiba is paying no heed, and it about to fire the lot of them.

However, The Big 5 proposes a game. They have created a new virtual reality game system called Duel Monsters Quest. Kaiba agrees to their little game.

Mokuba, however, senses that it's a trap, but Kaiba already says that he knows it. He's going to play their game, and win.

Kaiba enters the simulator, but is quickly trapped by a Monster in the game. This leads to his consciousness being trapped in the system. If the game cannot be cleared, he will not be able to get back to get back to the real world.

Mokuba makes a break for it, and goes to Yugi's grandfather's store, where the crew is.

After explaining the story, Yugi and company decide to go in to help Kaiba. They make their way to the simulators that are in Kaiba Land, where Yugi, Jounouchi and Mokuba go in. Anzu and Honda are left on watch.

In the simulator, they run into a group of Monsters. They use the cards in their decks to destroy the Monsters. Afterward, they make their way to a village with the help of a faerie that quickly disappears.

They search for information, and find out that someone had taken something to the Cave of Death across the desert. Yugi and company try to cross it, but fall unconscious, and wind up back at the edge of the village. A man states (repeatedly, since it's a video game RPG) that they need the Koke card.

Meanwhile, in the real world, Anzu and Honda find out that they aren't the only ones that will be fending off enemies. Yugi and crew have been found out by the Big Five.

They spend more time searching, and just when it seems to be no way to find out where to get the card, Yugi spots a sign that says that in the Colosseum, if they defeat the current champion, they will get the Koke card.

After applying, Jounouchi is the one that will fight the champ. He will be wearing a pig mask during the battle. And as the champion of brought in on the shoulders of others, Jounouchi finds out that the champ is a woman...
Cards introduced in this episode: None
NOTE: This episode does NOT happen in the comic.
Episode 44: Duel Monsters Quest (2). The Legendary Hero, Yugi

Jounouchi and Mai being the battle, and it isn't long before they realize who they are. Once explaining the situation to Mai, she uses her Harpy Lady to grab the Koke card, where the crew makes a break for it. Those who chase after them are taken card of my a well-placed Pit Trap by Jounouchi.

They cross the desert in the Koke card, making their way to the Cave of Death. They enter the cave, where they get locked in. The cave turns out to be a labyrinth. Jounouchi hears a scream, and takes off, and some encroaching Labyrinth Tanks force them to follow.

They become cornered, but Yugi's Magical Silk Hat allows them to escape. They find the faerie that helped them earlier, and Mokuba, who's dressed up like a princess.

Actually, since Mokuba's there, it ISN'T Mokuba, just a princess that looks like him.

They quickly make their way to the end of the labyrinth to find the Gate Guardian waiting for them. Yugi and Jounouchi take card of it with Black Demon's Dragon and some Dark Dragon Claws. Afterward, a rescue part from the princess' kingdom finds them.

Kaiba wakes up, and is informed that he is about to be a sacrifice to revive the Five God Dragon.

In the Kingdom of Gorland, the princess explains that sacrifices have been taken by the dark forces to revive the Five God Dragon, and she is to be one of them. She tells them of the legend of the land, where a band of heroes arose to slay the Five God Dragon the first time. To reach the lair of the Five God Dragon, they would need an Airship to make their way to the Dark Flying Castle.

The crew is given some "heroic" outfits, just in time for an assault on the castle. Despite their best efforts, the princess is taken away.

Or so they thought. Mokuba and the princess had actually switched costumes. The only way to get to the Dark Flying Castle is to find the airship. They entire town searches, but it turns out that a giant imprint in the group of the ruins on the outside of town turns out to be what they need. Jounouchi uses the Time Magician to turn back time in that area to revive the airship.

Back in the real world, Anzu and Honda try to prevent the guards from getting into the simulator room.
Cards introduced in this episode: None
NOTE: This episode does NOT happen in the comic.

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