Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters

Episode 37: Starting The Counterattack! Mind Shuffle

Yugi plays the Black Magician and Magical Silk Hat combo, but because of the Millennium Eye, Pegasus knows exactly where it is. Pegasus attacks, but finds that it missed. The Black Magician was not in that hat. The normal Yugi has come out.

It's here that is found out that it takes a slight bit of time for Pegasus to read someone's mind. During that time, both Yugi's switch minds. Pegasus can't read the mind of the "non-active" Yugi. This is further proved at how the normal Yugi places a card, then switches to the other Yugi. Pegasus cannot read what the placed card is, since even the other Yugi doesn't know. This is their counterattack, the Mind Shuffle.

In another part of the castle, Honda and Bakura are being chased. Bakura uses his powers again to animate a Man-Eating Bug.

Pegasus attacks, and misses yet again. However, Pegasus plays the Ward of Magic Dispelling and get rid of the Hats. Yugi, on the other hand, activates two cards: Magic Effect Arrow to send the Ward at Pegasus as well to destroy the Toon World, then Mirror Force to destroy all of the Toons.

Bakura sends another Monster to take card of the guards. The guards find themselves in the Cemetery, being pursued by the Grim Reaper. Bakura orders Honda to hand over Mokuba, and as he does, the setting for a Game of Darkness rises around them.

Pegasus realizes that he had made a mistake in underestimating Yugi. It is then that he begins the game of darkness.
Cards introduced in this episode: Ward of Magic Dispelling, Magic Effect Arrow
Episode 38: The Wicked Eye Opens. Sacrifice Descends

Bakura is after the key that will unlock the data within the Kaiba Corporation. Honda hands over Mokuba, and just after knocks Bakura out.

As Pegasus and Yugi start their Game of Darkness, the Dark Yugi realizes that it's impossible for his normal self to play in a Game of Darkness.

Pegasus begins to play Illusionary Monster, such as Dark Eyes Illusionist, which has 0 attack and defense strengths, but have special abilities, which immpbilizes Yugi' Monsters. Pegasus then uses the Ritual of Illusions to summon a hideous Monster by the name of Sacrifice. It can absorb Monsters, which is does to Yugi's Curse of Dragon. When Yugi tries to attack, Sacrifice shields itself with its absorbed Monster, and the damage is done to Yugi instead.

The normal Yugi draws and places a card. However, the terrifying nature of the Game of Darkness and the Mind Shuffle have worn him out, so that he falls unconscious.

Anzu and company feel this, and try to run into the area where the Game of Darkness is, but they simply "warp" passed the area, to the opposite side.

Now that the normal Yugi is unsconscious, Pegasus is free to read Yugi's mind. Pegasus plays the Time Bomber card, which will explode in two turns, destroying all of the Monsters on the Field. For each Monster destroyed, it will do damage to its owner equal to its attack strength. The Black Magician will be enough to do Yugi in, but Pegasus won't lose any Life Points due to Sacrifice having an attack strength of 0.

The battle is reaching its climax, the odds have returned to what they were when they started the duel.
Cards introduced in this episode: Dark Eyes Illusionist, Ritual of Illusions, Sacrifice
Episode 39: The Fusion Of Light And Darkness. Black Chaos Descends

While the Dark Yugi contemplates what to do, he has a vision of Sugoroku. There are some other things that he believes in, which have been with him since the beginning.

Yugi draw another card, but finds that Yugi's friends have blocked the view of the card. Yugi uses the Magic Box of Death to free the Black Magician, and fuse the Time Bomber with Sacrifice instead. He then plays Brain Control on Sacrifice. Yugi sacrifices the Time Bomber and Black Magician to the last card that the normal Yugi placed, the Ritual of Chaos Black Magic. The Magician of Black Chaos has been summoned.

Pegasus then uses the Wicked God of a Thousand Eyes and the Fusion card to turn Sacrifice into Thousand Eyes Sacrifice. He activates its ability to immobilize Black Chaos. Just as he's about to absorb it, Yugi activates his Multiply card. He multiples the Kuribo that he played, which Pegasus missed. The thousands of Kuribo are absorbed into Thousand Eyes Sacrifice, and cover its eyes. Black Chaos is now free, and with its attack, destroys Thousand Eyes Sacrifice. Yugi wins.

The crew rushes down to congratulate him, and when the subject comes back to Pegasus, they find out that he has disappeared. They will have to find him.
Cards introduced in this episode: Wicked God of a Thousand Eyes, Thousand Eyes Sacrifice
Episode 40: King of Duelists

They wonder where Pegasus could be, when Anzu gets the idea that he might be in the room that they found that they thought was in a dream. However, it wasn't a dream, as Honda also had that same "dream." They rush up to the room.

Meanwhile, Pegasus is in that room, and frees the souls of the those in the cards. Bakura makes his entrance, playing Tarot with his own card deck. Bakura's goal is to get all of the Millennium Items -- including Pegasus'. Unfortunately, during the battle with Yugi, Pegasus' powers were drained so that he could not fend off Bakura's assault.

As Yugi and company find their way there, they see Pegasus being carried down the stairs. Yugi and his friends go to investigate.

In the room, they see a painting of a beautiful woman, and find Pegasus' diary. Anzu, being able to read English, tells Pegasus' story. Inside of the diary was a card with the same picture as the painting.

Pegasus fell in love with a girl by the name of Cyndia. Unfortunately, she passed away when they were seventeen, just as they were to be married. Pegasus then journeyed to Egypt, where he heard that a soul could be returned to a person. There, he ran into Shadi, who forcefully bestowed upon him the Millennium Eye, whereupon he had a vision of seeing Cyndia again. It is then that Pegasus' true plan was revealed: he wanted to gain control of the Kaiba Corporation for the virtual reality system so that he could bring the card of Cyndia to "life."

There, the crew leaves. Yugi is the last to leave, when he Shadi confronts him. Shadi was called to the area to find who stole the Millennium Eye. Using his Millennium Ahnk, he gains entrance to Yugi's mind...and finds that he has two rooms in his mind, whereas a normal person has only one.

Once entering the Dark Yugi's "room," Shadi finds the Dark Yugi waiting for him. But Yugi's room isn't normal -- it is a maze of doors and stairs. Yugi proposes a "game" before Shadi can question him. Shadi will have to find the right room that Yugi is in.

After a number of traps, Shadi finds the room where the Dark Yugi is. However, it is another trap of a giant pit. However, the normal Yugi comes to his rescue. He asks the Dark Yugi to let them out. As they make their way out, they find themselves walking in a hall of giant tablets of Duel Monsters cards. The Black Magician appears to confront them. Shadi is about the summon Blue Eyes to destroy it, but the normal Yugi convinces the Black Magician to stand down.

Afterward, Shadi and Yugi find themselves back in Pegasus' room. He was mistaken to think that Yugi was the thief. Shadi then promptly disappears in the same way that he entered.
Cards introduced in this episode: None

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