Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters

Episode 1: The Chill of Blue Eyes White Dragon

This episode introduces the series to the viewers. Almost all of the major characters are introduced.

Yugi and Jounouchi are playing Duel Monsters at school, with Anzu and Honda watching on. After school, they decide to go to Yugi's house. Yugi says that he'll get his grandpa to show them a super-rare card. That comment catches Kaiba's ear.

At Sugoroku's card store, Sugoroku shows them the Blue Eyes White Dragon card -- only four exist in the world. It is here when Kaiba comes into the store. Jounouchi offers to play Duel Monsters with him, but Kaiba's haughty attitude simply ticks Jounouchi off.

Kaiba sees the Blue Eyes White Dragon, and offers a trunk case full of cards in a trade. Sugoroku turns it down, since he got the card from his best friend.

Kaiba forces Sugoroku into a duel, but Yugi and company arrive too late. There, Kaiba tears up Sugoroku's Blue Eyes White Dragon. You can only put three of any card in a deck, so he doesn't want any opponent to have the fourth one.

Sugoroku tells Yugi to duel, giving him his deck of cards. Yugi accepts.

The battle takes place quickly, with one of Kaiba's Blue Eyes coming out and annihilating Yugi's monsters one after another. He plays the second Blue Eyes, but Yugi draws and plays the Sealing Swords of Light to buy some time. But there isn't much Yugi can do. Sugoroku comes to Yugi in a vision, and tells him the cards that are in his hand are pieces of a puzzle -- for the unrivaled summon of Exodia.

As the duel progresses, Kaiba's third Blue Eyes comes out. In the end, Yugi draws the final piece for Exodia, completing the set of five, and winning the game.
Cards introduced in this episode: Blue Eyes White Dragon, Dark Knight Gaia, Black Magician, Judge Man, Sealing Swords of Light, Dark Clown Master Sagi, Cyclops, Darkness Generator, Wall-Guardian Dragon, Exodia (all five parts).
Quote from this episode: "Things that you truly treasure are given a heart."
Episode 2: Illusionist No Face's Trap

Another game is being played at school again. This time, it's between Jounouchi and Anzu. Anzu wins handidly.

jounouchi wonders who he can never win, when Yugi tells him that his deck needs to be composed of a combination of Monster and Magic cards. Jounouchi then begs Yugi to teach him.

At Sugoroku's store, Sugoroku offers to start teaching Jounouchi.

Some time later in the month, Yugi and company are watching the Japanese Duel Monsters tournament on television, which is between Insector Haga and Dinosaur Ryuzaki. Haga wins.

At this time, Sugoroku gives Yugi a package that came. It has a video tape in it. Once played, Pegasus J. Crawford introduces himself, and uses the power of his Millennium Eye to freeze everyone but Yugi, so that they may play a game. The game will last for fifteen minutes. At the end of that time, the person with the higher Life Points will win.

As the duel progresses, Yugi comes to the conclusion that Pegasus can read his mind. Yugi thinks he has the battle won, but a trick card from Pegasus take Yugi's Life Points to lower than his, and Pegasus wins.

Yugi is going to refuse Pegasus' offer to be in the Duelist Kingdom tournament, when Pegasus steals Sugoroku's soul to force Yugi to come to the Duelist Kingdom.
Cards introduced in this episode: Basic Insect, Messiah of Ant Hell, Two-Headed King Rex, Plasma Insect Armor, Devil Dragon, Dragon-Sealing Jar, Jar Demon, Silver Fong, Illusionist No Face, Illusionary Eye, Elven Swordsman, Demon Summon
Quote from this episode: "He's been training me without any kind of mercy."
Episode 3: The Loss of Exodia

Yugi is in thought on the roof of the school. He has made up his mind to go to the Duelist Kingdom.

At this time, Jounouchi gets a video tape from his sister. She wanted to send him a tape so that he wouldn't forget what she looked like. She wanted to see his face one last time.

On his way home from school, Yugi finds an envelope with four special cards in it.

The next day at school, Yugi and company are considering the cards. One indicates that there will be a large amount of prize money given to the winner. Jounouchi takes special interest in that card.

Yugi finds Jounouchi on the roof of the school. Here, Yugi and Jounouchi have a talk about when they met.

The next evening, Yugi makes his way to the meeting place to go to the Duelist Kingdom, which will be by boat. He's in line, when he sees Jounouchi getting into trouble when he tries to get into the ship.

Even though he doesn't have any Star Chips, items which are needed for a person to enter the tournament, Yugi give him one so that he can get into the tournament.

In another area, Anzu and Honda are trying to get onto the ship. On the boat, Yugi and Jounochi run into Mai Kujaku, Insector Haga and Dinosaur Ryuzaki.

Later in that evening, Yugi and Jounouchi run into Haga. Haga wishes to see the Exodia cards that Yugi defeated Kaiba with, then he tosses them overboard. Jounouchi dives in after them, then Yugi follows. They are saved by Anzu and Honda. Jounouchi then tells them about his sister, and why he wants to go the Duelist Kingdom.
Cards introduced in this episode: None.
Quote from this episode: "You idiot! I'm not a guy!"
Episode 4: Insector Combo

Yugi and company arrive at the Duelist Kingdom, where Pegasus explains the rules of the tournament. In a duel, players will bet Star Chips. Those who have ten can get into Pegasus' castle. Those who lose all of their Star Chips will be expelled from the tournament.

As the group walks, they finally find and confront Haga. Yugi and Haga begin their duel.

Yugi tells Haga to bet two Star Chips. Even though Yugi has only one Star Chip, he bets his deck against Haga's other Chip.

Early in the duel, Haga tries to surprise Yugi with a new rule that is used in the Kingdom, which increases a monster's power if they match the terrain. That proves fruitless, as Yugi already figured it out. However, he is surprised by the fact that monsters that match the terrain cancel out effects on those that don't match the terrain.

Yugi has to wait for his chance, but at that time, Haga plays his deadliest combo, the Basic Insect Combo. Yugi can't attack, or he'll be destroyed by the combo.

Eventually, Yugi places a card, and when Haga attacks, he activates the card, "Holy Barrier - Mirror Force", reflecting the attack back at all of Haga's monsters.
Cards introduced in this episode: Killer Bee, Mammoth Skeleton, Hercules Beetle, Gremlin, Unicorn's Horn, Holy Barrier - Mirror Force, Griffol, Laser Cannon Armor.
Quote from this episode: "I'll say it so even you can understand it! Haga, you're weak!"

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